Virginia's page program is...


  • Anna - 9 years ago

    Dear Jane Lanham,
    I would like to 1st say I was a former page class if 2013 and we were not "learning to be ladies and gentlemen and how to open doors." We learn about the political process. What goes on behind the session that you see on a screen. I learned so much as a page and one of the most important things I learned was that when I get older I want to be a Senator. The page program is an investment in the future leaders of Virginia and who knows some of us might move on to the US government.
    2nd while in Richmond the only lunch I EVER got for someone was an IT worker who needed to finish some paper work for something.
    And my 3rd and final point is at my school ever class has 25 kids or less. I go to public school and it is NOT over crowed. And your right. I don't have shame.

  • Jimmy - 9 years ago

    Yes, the pages are worth half a million dollars. They are not just glorified door holders and the delegates and senators ae busy, not lazy. The pages do so much more than they said on the report. There are many behind the scenes jobs and they are the heart of the Virhginia General Assembly. Without the page program, the Virginia General Assembly would be just a mess. They need to keep the pages as long as they can.

  • Jane Lanham - 9 years ago

    Annon, and it's so clever that you remained anonymous, thank you for your insightful comment.

  • Annon - 9 years ago

    Jane, go cry a river somewhere else.

  • Jane Lanham - 9 years ago

    Perhaps 20 years ago when times were better, this extreme expenditure would have been acceptable. However, when our infrastructures are crumbling, schools are over crowded or in need of repair, teachers and first responders are woefully underpaid.....everyone knows I could go on and what world does this make any kind of sense? $500,000 for nine weeks??? So the kids can learn to be ladies and gentlemen, opening doors and fetching lunch? I am apoplectic over this revelation. What an embarrassing waste of money - talk to families who have lost their homes and are having to live in one motel room, who have a sick child whom they can't afford to take to a doctor...once again, I could go on and on. What on earth are we doing here? Have we no shame?

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