Would you risk a fine to take a holiday in term time? (Poll Closed)

  • Yes
    253 votes

  • No, though I have taken term-time holidays in the past
    46 votes

  • No
    81 votes


Posted 5 years.


  • carol greeen - 3 years ago

    i think it is acceptable,if schools can do holiadays on skiing trips and ive known one that has gone to euro disney then i think yes, ,,if a so called family holiaday interfers with their education,then so do their strikes and inset days,it has gone to far now, for years familys have done this,has it reallly ever effected their education,no,

  • Olivia Mather - 4 years ago

    Me and my husband Reagan Mather love to take our part monkey hairy child on a cheap holiday (normally paid by our saved up dole) in the school terms Reagan thinks it's worth while and I agree with him because I love him so much xoxox don't hate me cause you ain't me

  • Haza fish - 4 years ago

    brook ya poverty women

  • Brooke ward - 4 years ago

    because I am on benefits and live in beach wood i am unable to take my heroine addict husband and my skinny ugly 15 kids on holiday in the school holidays I simply can not afford this because my dole money doesn't cover it

  • Harry - 4 years ago

    My name is Olivia kwok I have 13 children and I think it's accepable to take my kids out of school, being a single mam it's nice and cheap. In simple I am poverty.

  • Zac hanlon - 4 years ago

    Use R all in poverty

  • Realist - 5 years ago

    Get over yourself. A holiday is a priviledge not a right. You can holiday in the UK for cheaper than going abroad. It's not the holiday companies' fault you have children in school. Plus, you cannot complain when your kids fall behind in school because you took them out during term time. We're not talking transport or utilities here, the type of things necessary for society to run. We're talking about a holiday abroad, a luxury in this day an age. If you want one, cough up. It's a free market. Otherwise, pick something else to do with your kids and there is plenty to do at that.

  • Sam Morse - 5 years ago

    I am SHOCKED at how the price of flights is INCREASED during school holiday times So much so we as a family are UNABLE to go away at all to our favoured destinations this year
    Tickets for six of us is exorbitant Even by looking at the prices on the first day for Easyjet , as an example , the prices for May 14 looking in October 13 to Greece started at GBP 300 each ! That is just flights We have all the other expenses Prices the week before were quite reasonable
    Of course they must make their money but NOT this way PENALISING FAMILIES
    Family holidays are VERY important for family life and they are only for a few years when you think about it, before children grow up and lead their own lives
    It is not only criminal it is UNETHICAL of the airlines , travel companies etc to increase fares during holiday times
    However the airlines are not the ONLY ones to blame Airport taxes are also too HIGH
    The governments do NOT really care for family values Its is a sham what they say
    I think this will never change Their values are wrong and so often their policies are not correct but then they do NOT care

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