Which 'Highway' do you prefer?
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  • Bhuvan - 8 years ago

    both should be watched have their advantage in place...
    there are things in tele which make few scenes & story flow more clearer than film but film has lot of things which proves that film has it's place and should have been made and we are fortunate to experience it...
    what tele offers better than film
    - why Veera is kidnapped
    - why Veera ends up telling kidnapper her story
    - short & crisp being it a tele :)

    what film offers better over tele
    - sheer visual excellence
    - why veera doesn't want to go back
    - why veera falls for mahabir
    - Rahmaan, Pathaka Guddi on big screen looks like it's meant for IT...
    - long emotionally filled silent scenes which are rare find and even when they are existing; are spoonfeed with dialogues
    - and no doubt for Alia & Randeep

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