Should NFL players be allowed to use the n-word on the field?
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  • HC - 6 years ago

    I'm generally in favor of being professional when it matters, like the NBA dress code for example. I'd even be ok with eliminating the n word in the locker room, since that's more like an office than the field. But the main difference between my workplace and an NFL field is it's abnormally high-pressured and violent. It is hard to legislate what is said in those moments. I may be able to meet my work deadline without flying off the handle and calling my partner the n word, but I also don't have jadaveon clowney trying to rip my head off. And if I'm a quarterback who just got drilled by clowney because my offensive lineman missed an assignment, it's entirely possible my ears would be ringing and mouth bleeding when I immediately yell "NIGGA CAN YOU PLEASE BLOCK HIM?!" In that sense I think it would be understandable and I'd hate to be flagged 15 yards something like that in the heat of the moment.

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