If you could travel into the past, when and where would you like to go? (multiple choice)

Posted 10 years.


  • Simon Jones - 6 years ago

    Time could just be ' a forever in the now frequency' All we may have to do to travel in the past or even the future in change the frequency level we are in. The past may be easier to relive as it very likely to have already happened. The future may not be as easy to go to//or experience as it is more likely to not have happened yet. Instead of looking at a time travelling machine it might be better to look at a 'frequency changing machine', then we might be able to witness different perceived realities. My tuppence worth.

  • Lucius - 6 years ago

    Despite H.G. Wells and all the SF writers who followed in his footsteps, time travel is impossible for the simple reason that there is no there there. The past is not a monolithic "place" and is entirely relative to each person. The only place the past 'exists' is in history books and our memories. Time and Space, as Kant knew, as the conditions of the possibility of human experience. They are the necessary principles our minds have apriori to render experience meaningful. Space is 'out there' and objective and time is 'in here' and subjective. Indeed, an advanced alien species with a different brain structure might experience them entirely differently. We go astray by conflating time and space and turning time into a place, which it is not. Henri Bergson wrote extensively on this.

  • stoopidmonkee - 10 years ago

    after watching the alien fiasco its off to Vegas to place some bets on the world series and to buy some real estate

  • george bruderly - 10 years ago

    boy the fun, Ill be right back, hey Im on the other line can you hold? I can fix that before ya know it. Wow I am the luckyest person I know, espesialy in lotto it would never end how coud it---

  • Daren Scot Wilson - 10 years ago

    More than once i wish i could have gone back in time about, oh, ten seconds. Like one surprisingly warm day when i tossed my coat in the car and closed the door - and realized my keys were in the coat's pocket. Suddenly i had a practical need for time travel!

    Aside from that, if i could go back further, the creativity of daVinci would be a marvel to witness in person.

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