If you could travel into the future, how far would you want to go?

Posted 10 years.


  • jesus - 8 years ago

    i agree with chance. that was my first though when i was about to select 1000 years. im not saying i wouldnt like to visit the future 1000 yrs from now but i dont think id know what i would be doing. in terms of friends, money, power, social status and what not, id be pretty much no one. im not ok with that.

  • Chance - 10 years ago

    well the practical (financial mainly?) gains would be from knowing the events upcoming in your own lifetime; so 1 or 10 years would be best for that end. However, a peak at 1000 or even 50000 years from now would be most fascinating in its own right. Tough decision!

  • William - 10 years ago

    Between 100 and 200 years is about as far as one could go without noticeable, perhaps even prohibitive, differences in spoken language. I wouldn't want to go to a farther time than when I could communicate with the people there.

  • dniel cook - 10 years ago

    if your telling us that the computer programes are geting stronger as time goes by if you think what it would be like in a thousand years maybe the computer will take over the universe by that time or maybe us humans would of made our own life game and maybe this happens over and over and over and we can make our own multi universes if thats not what wer already partof already

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