SKY's "3 races of the century" (Poll Closed)

  • The 2012 Brazilian GP

  • The 2012 European GP

  • The 2011 Canadian GP

  • The 2011 Chinese GP

  • The 2010 Abu Dhabi GP

  • The 2008 Brazilian GP

  • The 2005 Japanese GP

  • The 2003 British GP

  • The 2000 Belgian GP

  • The 2000 German GP

Poll posted 6 years ago.

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  • KRB - 6 years ago

    I assume you mean the 2008 Brazilian GP was getting the fanboy treatment over at SKY? There might be some of that, but for me, that HAS to be the best race of the century. Nothing else even comes close. It wins on the simple weight of the result ... this was for the whole shebang! Subsitute any two drivers in for Hamilton and Massa, but with the same result (Ham riding around comfortably until rain hits, then gets passed by Vettel and the gambling Toyota of Glock, only to catch Glock in the last few corners of the last lap ... Massa garage is celebrating ... Hamilton garage is celebrating ... "Wha? IS THAT GLOCK?!? IT IS!!!" from Brundle and Allen) and it's still epic. If that was in a racing movie, audiences would groan at its predictability. But it happened, and we saw it transpire live. Ecstasy to agony, and anguish to elation, all in the space of seconds and a few hundred metres of track!!

  • jee1 - 6 years ago

    2005 Japanese GP for me.. Epic race and a great win for Raikkonen,starting from 17th..

  • thejudge13 - 6 years ago

    Had to vote for Schuey's last podium. Love him or hate him he defined F1 for an era

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