Should the NFL ban The N-Word?


  • Derek - 9 years ago

    Not to get into a history lesson, but when the Virgina planters came up with the idea of using the word, circa 1712, to subjugate and create the inferiorty complex the word evicts, when they felt it was the perfect word to be passed amongst slaves as a means of keeping them in their place, it became one of the most efficient words ever devised.

    If I call you "stupid" from the day you are born, your personality arrow will eventually point in that direction. Growing up in the 'hood like many Black American males, I have rarely heard anything BUT the N-word coming from the mouths of other Black young men when they were kicking another Black man's butt.
    Hmm! I guess those fine Virginia planters were on cue. The N-word still works 302 years later.

  • H. Lewis Smith - 9 years ago

    When it comes to the use of the n-word the African American community is a walking contradiction to understand why and how that is you are encouraged to check out the following:

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