Should David Moyes be sacked?

  • John - 6 years ago

    Thank god David Moyes should be sacked because he's doing man united no fever at all. The players don't get along it's just no working for him. Please replace him with someone outside of England like klopp he's a good and experienced manager.

  • zahid magan - 6 years ago

    Totally agree with some of the above comments. Under Moyes, our football is boring to watch, predictable, and the fear factor has completely gone!
    Mediocre manager but not a mediocre club certainly!

  • john lim - 6 years ago

    Everton was a boring, average team under Moyes. Now, under Martinez, they are exciting and challenging for the top 4. So, where does that place Moyes? Big sir Alex left an aging team to a poor, average manager who was over the moon to manage MU. Blame Sir Alex, not Moyes. He is doing all that he can-just not good enough. Bring in Klopp.

  • MH - 6 years ago

    I know he is not good enough (till now at least), but he should be given more time to show what he is capable of doing once he get more experience at club.

    In fact, I like the "One Family" aspect of United and don't want to see my club like others who change managers a lot.

    By the way he was the Sir's only contender for the "LMA Manager of the Year award" DM 3 - SAF 4. That must give some indication about his potential abilities?? May be.

  • teabag48 - 6 years ago

    May Day! May Day! May Day!
    Rudderless.......Clueless......Hopelessly lost!
    Sinking fast.......get here quick Jose......all is forgiven!

  • lawrence mwansa - 6 years ago

    Even if you were to give huge amount of money to spend or buy the best prayers in the world that man cant win anything is a felia moyers please leave us in peace that club doesnt much you ,you're having prayers who own the league bt dnt knw hw to use them leave leave

  • lawrence mwansa - 6 years ago

    Firstly ferguson is to blame, hw can he get some one who has never won any single trophy to couch utd, that man mores spent so many years at eveton trothles and those wto are saiying ferson did the same wen he started are wrong fergason was very young but looking at moyes is to olda, And fergason shoud apologise to us fans for giving us his felol scotish that is resisim

  • Paulo Tuttino - 6 years ago

    Even if UTD sack Moyes now, who will you get to come in and take over? The best man for the job was Brendan Rodgers but would now cost a fortune to bring in and why would he leave a club like Liverpool who are on the up? As an Arsenal fan the only man who could turn UTD around at this stage would be Arsene Wenger but you're not having him !! I think they have to accept that they will no be a Champions League side anymore and they need to give Moyes time to change this around. He will get them to come good eventually and who can forget Alex Fergusons early days at the club, if they had sacked him when they weren't getting the good results who knows what woul have happened to the team, I really believe they wouldn't have become one of the biggest clubs in the world. UTD need to let Moyes learn and grow with the team, give him a 3/5 year plan and he will make this club great again. And anyway its not like they are the worst team in the league a couple of good wins and 4th could still happen. And you never know they could still win the Champions League and be in it that way next year !! Up The GUNNERS !!!

  • Steve Round - 6 years ago

    Give Dave time. Me, Phil and Jimmy have been working on a specialist set-piece since August and have just about got it finished. With the £400m we need to rebuild in the summer to bring in technically gifted players like Danny Shittu and Don Hutchinson jnr we can get this right. If we see it out until the summer I might just squeeze another pair of air max of out Nike. MoyesOUT!!

  • Drew - 6 years ago

    Moyes has to go and should never have been appointed in the first place. He is tactically inept and along with his backroom staff completely out of his depth. I managed my under11's school team to 3 consecutive double winning seasons 02-05 and would do a better job than this clueless clown. Giggs, Rene and Phelan until the end of the season to restore some pride.....Unless I get the phone call first.

  • Chris - 6 years ago

    Jus sack this joker already.

  • benj - 6 years ago

    Moyes should go simple. that is why i sometime like chelsea fc owner, which he can not even tolerate such a bulshirt from moyes without sacking him. oh my goodness

  • Duncan Headless - 6 years ago

    Gollum should get another season.

  • Alex - 6 years ago

    I think Manu must give Moyes at least one more season. That's the only way one can set the rot in Manu, from which they never recover.

    HA HA.

  • Brian - 6 years ago

    Sir. Made a mistke 2 apoint this moyes man utd is struggling as if we ar from religation i thnk moyes is nt da right man he should be sacked 4 us 2 go far

  • Horlertunjy horlaosebikan ismaheel - 6 years ago

    He's no match for the job,utd pick the wrong man and now he should be replace if man utd are to survive this crisis.

  • Dano - 6 years ago

    Haha all the Liverpool, Chelsea & Citeh fans voting no

  • Ebenezer - 6 years ago

    What a pity! Man U ought to would have saked David Moyes since but they think he will put things right, that is the reason why they still give him chance. But the more Moyes stay the more he's giving harm to the fans and lost the club. Firstly, I've not seen any good qualification from David Moyes that made him qualified to be the manager of a great club like Man U. His method of playing has made the player not to understand themselves again, and very soon the team will lost their confindence. To me, David Moyes need to be sacked for the good and progress of the Club. He has spoiled all the good records of the club for just few time he spent. Moyes has not shown any sign that he will improve. And the Club is bigger than his knowledge! Change is needed to put things right at Old Trafford.

  • Dunlop Jones - 6 years ago

    I wouldn't trust Moyes with a 100 million pounds either. He has paid record money for the best CAM in the league the last two seasons and parks him out on the wings. Now that sounds like a manager who does not have a clue what he's doing.

  • david moran - 6 years ago

    Moyes is definately the right man for the job. Oh what pleasure it is to see the pain on the fan's faces.
    When they get relegated and the crowds dwindle , do not even think of popping over the pennines to support the mighty Leeds, oh no, this will not happen.
    What's even funnier is Leeds are on the t.v. more times than Man utd.

  • JamesCR - 6 years ago

    Man United will not finish 4th whoever they might bring in as a replacement for Moyes if the inevitable happens sooner rather than later. With Chelsea, Man City, Arsenal and Liverpool flying, the top four is almost concluded. Man United were so poor on Wednesday in the Champions League, they only have one way of playing. Concede-Pass-Cross-Repeat!!! United will struggle for a few years to re-enter the top four!

  • RayH - 6 years ago

    To sack him now would be foolish!
    The players need to be held accountable for poor form.
    RVP looks like he wants to leave and is looking for excuses for his own poor form.
    Cleaverly is not good enough.
    Smalling should not be playing right back.
    Rio has lost his pace.
    Vidic has lost his pace.
    Valencia is hit and miss.
    Nani is hit and miss.
    Young is hit and miss.
    Wellbeck is hit and miss.
    I could go on but im boring myself typing this.
    The long and short of it is that SAF left a sinking ship and the old back room staff should of stayed.

  • yabets - 6 years ago

    no world class players will want to paly for man utd if david moyes continues as man utd manager. man utd has no technichal players and physically week.moreover, the new manager is tactically poor. the 2012/13 trophy of man utd was the result of unstablity of chelsea , man city , liverpool and arsenal.

  • REDdevil - 6 years ago

    Up until last night (olympiacos) I was fully behind Moyes, His 1st mistake was to bring in his own coaching team, I thought that was stupid but just shows that moyes thought his 1st year at United would be his most successful year as manager to date, you cant blame him there last years champions. Fellani was so over priced it was a joke, fergie wouldn't have looked at him twice. zaha on loan was also a mistake, not as bad as the rest but still his flair and pace along with janazzi would have been promising to watch from a fans point of view. His refusal to play hernandez is nearly a crime for the boss man who prefures welbeck everyday. But last night was the final straw for me, a flat predictable boring to watch clueless man utd who seem to only know 1 thing which is to pass flat, pass back and boot aimlessly up the field or plan B get the ball up the left of the pitch and cross. Theres more creativity in a championship team fighting to stay up. I was ashamed to call myself a man utd fan last night. I think Moyes has proven he hasn't the talent to manage a top club, he needs to put down his how to be a manager for dummies book and make way for talent who will play attacking football ,attract big players, revive our desperate club and become a legend. But thing is theres no1 available to take the job who actually deserves it. unless fergie comes in for the rest of the season which is unlikely. So were stuck with Mr clueless to finish a season of shame and embarresment. Lets hope hes not trusted with 100 mil.... there hardly that stupid doh. Iv never talked of my club in this way, loosing is one thing but last night was something else that I have never seen in all my years watching utd. Things are not improving hes actually making matters worse in my opinion. Someone anyone please help us!!

  • Winyi Frederick - 6 years ago

    There's no question about Moyes's sacking. He should go! What he has done is enough. Good managers are many around the world who can attract world class players, who know how to utilize resources efficiently. Moyes has misused Kagawa, Hanandez. Let him go. We are tired. His position as a manager is 7th, 6th, 8th at Everton. United is a club that is known to be in the positions of 1st, 2nd-1st, 2nd year in year out
    Am totally tired!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Bontu tashome - 6 years ago

    We are in suffered very much please, dismiss Moyes then man utd can finish top four if another manger is replaced. unless and other wise, it is difficult for man utd to bring top quality players to old trafford.

  • Garoma Chali - 6 years ago

    All of man utd directors, chiefs, Glazier family and staffs are very foolish. I am very regretted by supporting man utd. Sir alex ferguson appoint Moyes due to his relatives not for his ability. The manager has no experience in champions. I don't want to blame him rather i blame the concerned party. They are stupid and foolish to bring moyes as man utd manager. The fans have no any one who can bring change in man utd. we are challenged by many defeats. I know that Moyes is not sacked by man utd but to respond your question, it is better if he sacked from the club.

  • dinjo - 6 years ago

    he has got time, he is not the right man for the job, can u see. Man united is too big for him to handle. fergie can take it till he eind of the sersoen . if ser alex fergieson take over. Man united will even finish 4 place

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