Is This Shooting Justified

  • 2nd Amendment Freedom - 8 years ago

    You see the moose in the distance, then he moves his sled closer to it challenging the animal !! Hope his heart gives out on his next trip !!

  • Craig - 8 years ago

    The incident could have been avoided had he made a decision to wait or take another path. Unfortunately he did not and was then forced to protect his life. Sad but justified in saving his life.

  • Wyoming - 8 years ago

    If this were a wolf he would be in jail. People are getting in trouble for protecting themselves against wolves and this guy gets to go free.

  • Rob - 8 years ago

    Put yoursf in that situation remembering your on a tight path and you cant reverse with an animal the size of a small car coming at you damn right he did the right thing hopefully he used the moose and didnt just leave it there to be scavenged

  • Mike II - 8 years ago

    If you were in that situation, you may have done something different. An animal like that was scared, angry, confused, whatever you want to call it. The man acted accordingly, he could have been killed! You people are mad about this? He is a human. That moose is an animal..... Am I saying kill all animals for no reason? No I'm not! But he was protecting himself and the person that was with him. And for that I think was a reasonable act.

  • carla - 8 years ago

    Charge him. He challenged a moose. Idiot.

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