Which one do you think is the best replacement of Windows XP?

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  • Sri - 6 years ago

    I voted for "Some other Linux OS", because you did not have Ubuntu in the options! My choice to replace "any" OS would be Ubuntu. I got hooked in April 2010 and till now (September 2015) converted many organizations and users to using Ubuntu Linux.

  • Harvey - 6 years ago

    I first tried Linux about five years ago. I dual loaded the Linux Mint16, leaving the windows XP on the drive as a back-up just in case. In all these years I may have booted up the Windows XP just to see if it still worked. I have never gone back to Windows for any reason. I have since converted two other computers over to Linux, Mint 17, leaving only the wife's laptop in the house that uses windows. The main reason it is not changed over My Wife never uses her laptop.
    I am whole heartedly encouraging any of my friends running Windows to really take a good look at the Linux O.S. I even offer to set it up for them so they can try it..
    I cannot see one reason why I would consider going back to XP, 7,8 or 10..

  • Pat - 7 years ago

    I'm running linux Mint right now and I'm thinking about going back to windows. At least Windoz can automatically install something you want without having to do a 1989 command line thing. Why don't you call it GWbasicMint or Frankenmint :-))) Oh hey I almost forgot BrokenMint.

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