Who's more likely to be telling porkies?
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  • Quietzapple - 7 years ago

    Mrs Thatcher seems to have tolerated pederasts if she knew them.

    She gave Saville the keys to Broadmoor (he was supposed to be reforming the place), invited him to eleven of her New Years Parties. She made the noted pederast Sir Peter Morrison her PPS around the time when perhaps sounder advice from Tebbit, Whitelaw was not on tap. At that time the age of consent for male homosexuality was 21, reduced to 18 I think by Mrs Currie's bill.

    Like Heath she supported some of Leo Abse's Homosexual Law Reform in the 1960s.

    david Cameron, Nick Robinson and others now active in the tory cause were senior tories in those days, in their various roles, none has admitted knowing, except Mrs Currie per her first autobiography, who I believe says she knew after Morrison's death.

    The Dullies Maul and Telegraph do not see terribly interested in tory scandals. Perhaps if either comes down in favour of Ukip they may so become.

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