Posts I should do for White History Month

  • ken williams sr. - 6 years ago

    Post like these must begin to attack and continue to attack learning media institutions like the History , Discovery Channels and National Geographic to stop the ongoing racist distortions about Ancient Kemet
    ( egypt ) , and bring African and African American historical scholars to the front of discussions on Ancient African history subject matters immediately .

  • Ken Williams - 6 years ago

    Good thing more than 50% of those horrible white folks decided slavery and oppression in all its forms was unethical, and decided that he freeodm of black folks was worth dying for. White people, not lack people ended slavery in this country. There is good and bad in all. I know for sure that in looking at my own race, the bad half would be selling and owning and killing white people if the tables were turned...and the other "good half" would hopefully go to (civil) war to free white people from slavery. A good man is kind and humane to his family, his neighbors, his animals; a bad man is cruel to who or whatever is unfortunate enough to be in his possession. The real battle is not between the races, it is between GOOD and EVIL!

  • William Bentley - 6 years ago

    Keep up the good work....what you do is making a difference and personally I am learning so much about the world, myself and my fellow human beings.

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