Should Newcastle have sacked Alan Pardew?

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Posted 5 years.


  • jake - 5 years ago

    I think we should sack pardew, but not over this. I mean, it was stupid but he barely made contact.
    We should get rid of him instead for his backwards, outdated tactics, lack of ambition, lack of signings, refusal to play ben arfa and the fact he let cabaye go for a song.
    Shearer in!

  • Ben Taylor - 5 years ago

    Pardew stepped across to stop Meyler (not Marler) getting the ball so was pushed out of the way. Putting his head on Meyler's with a clear forward motion should be punished severely. Regardless of the force involved, many players would have been rolling around on the floor. Pardew is lucky that Meyler is not one of those. To suggest that Meyler started it and should face any further punishment is laughable.

  • Tom Hassell - 5 years ago

    The player should be banned until the end of the season,he pushed Pardew for NO. Reason .What do you expect Pardew to do.He did not head butt the player.All this talk of sacking Pardew is madness the player was the cause of this incident.The player should be asked he's the one who started this madness.In my eyes Pardew did nothing wrong.What do you expect Pardew to do after being pushed for no reason.There was no head butt also fine the player.

  • simon - 5 years ago

    I watched the highlights
    Pardew didnt really headbutt him just got up in his face an nudged him slightly
    But what about marler's shove on pardew before it started

  • R O'Donnell - 5 years ago

    Alan Pardew', The "shove, blocking my view of the match" on linesman against the blatant aggressive out of my way, by Meyler on the Newcastle manager deserves some publicity. (yet are without comments or video photo enlargements by the press bloodhounds, show this in a whole new picture. Pardew must and should be punished by the club and the FA, but a FA investigation with Managers and players reps involved. TV panellists over the top "chat by employees/ratings" ignored. Frenzy is the word, a clear perspective and penalty's the answer. Joey Barton was never a favourite of mine, but the man is accurate and honest, sometimes too direct and straight with his opinions. Joey Bartons full direct tackles were/are better than his tact, the objective clear.

  • Vassilis Koukoulis - 5 years ago

    Padrew's did not head but, if he had Meyler would have been rolling on the grass holding his face, the whole incident has been blown out of all proportion, what he did was wrong and he should be fined but getting the sack is laughable.

  • Jessica Swift - 5 years ago

    Why should Meyler receive a substantial fine?

  • Graham Smith - 5 years ago

    Pardew should have been sacked and Marler should receive a substantial fine in addition to his yellow card.
    This was the type of thing that should never be allowed in any circumstances. People should be less sensitive to verbal comments but referees should also be much more severe relative to bad language on the pitch and transgressors punished with 2 or 3 games bans. Perhaps their clubs would also then do more to remove this sort of behaviour.

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