Should 12 Years A Slave Have Won The Oscar For Best Film?

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  • NicJu - 10 years ago

    I was one of the people supporting W. Kamau Bell's Where is Fruitvale hashtag. I'm totally biased (see what i did there) being from the bay and living in Oscar's hometown. However where I landed on the issue is this, I didn't see all of the movies so I can't say 12 Years was the best. It was a beautiful film that was well shot, acted and edited with many amazing performances and I'm happy it won. I was upset with the total award season shut out of Fruitvale but I understand. I don't mean to take anything away from 12 Years, just trying to help further the conversation about the film I saw last year that I considered the best of 2012. From what i'm told, the Academy doesn't really have it for Sundance, and since Fruitvale was the darling of Sundace, it came out very early in the year and Ryan Coogler probably stopped campaining as hard after the big prize at Sundance, the Academy ignored it. Also, LUPTIA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Karen boo, thanks for the shoutout. I was having a tweetapolooza on Oscar night. I've been watching that award show since my mama let me stay up late enough to see the whole thing. It's pretty much my favorite night of television all year. Twitter allowed me to "watch" it with my friends even though i'm 3000 miles away. At the end of the day (hey Karen boo, again) Oscar isn't the end all be all of film reconginition, but it sucked to see Fruitvale get overlooked for all the major awards this season. But Michael Bae Jordan is eating, and Ryan Coogler is on his way.

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