Are Parents Obligated To Pay For Their Child's College Education?

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  • Animaine Sparkster - 7 years ago

    Ok I just went back and re-listened to that ep and she left on her own. Still, entitlement is a helluva drug.

  • Animaine Sparkster - 7 years ago

    En. ti. tle. ment. I wish I would call myself tryna sue my parents for THEIR money after I got kicked out for disobeying the rules of THEIR house after I was a legal adult. Girl, bye.

  • PrinceLeron - 7 years ago

    No, you are in no way entitled to pay for your kid's college. Paying for their education is the best way to "guarantee" success but they should have to prove that they want it. The reason you pay for your kid's college is so that they don't have to worry about anything but classes. If you can afford the tuition then its the best option. If you can afford it, there is no good reason not to. If you have the opportunity to remove an obstacle that could stop your child from reaching their full potential, then you should should. But if that nigga pop up with a c average, stop that shit.

  • NicJu - 7 years ago

    I agree that parents shouldn't be obligated to pay for their kid's tuition but you have to include your parents income info on a FAFSA, unless you are emancipated. So whether they want to help or not if they make too much money, they'll stop you from getting free aid. Betta get yo ass a scholarship, or loans like the rest of us lil girl.

  • Iryana - 7 years ago

    Not at all! Scholarships should be the main objective. However, If I have children I will to gift him/her money for a bill or two during their freshmen year, if they are a RESPECTFUL child and did right before college. That's the gift my parents offered my siblings and I. I can't believe that white girl thought she deserved her parents money.

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