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What will be your response to an interstate electronic log mandate if/when it is written and fully implemented? (Poll Closed)

Total Votes: 3,450

  • stephen webster - 10 years ago

    The gov does not get it the driver need to make a certain amount of money to stay on the road in Canada many truck drivers are doing other jobs now. The gov needs to reg. the rates if they are going to reg. the drivers or they will have to bring in drivers. The new driver will protest like B.C.

  • mark - 10 years ago

    I drive for the salvation army we drive 18 ft box trucks Isuzu 5500 does this mean we will have to have them to

  • Ed Adams - 10 years ago

    As long as I own this truck I will not have a recorder in it, when the government wants to buy it from me they can do what ever the hell they want with it. I am tired of the government control over everything we do. this is no longer about safety it is about control. If it comes down to it I will burn the damned truck to the ground !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • gerald wood - 10 years ago

    Mandated e-logs should NOT mean the O/O is mandated to use the Carriers e-log equipment (with Carriers upcharges for equipment use age) O/O should be allowed to use one e-log for the life of his truck not respective of Carriers preference. myself, I've leased on to a Carrier whom had a surplus of drivers but not a surplus of freight. I had to buy/rent, their e-log equip. only to leave a short time later due to an operating loss in revenue. Then returning equipment became their game of musical chairs (creative accounting charges) on how to return equipment, more added charges.

  • paul gaddis - 10 years ago

    I am a 3rd generation driver. over 75 years combine driving in my family. I think this whole damn system is corrupt. It is bought by the larger trucking industry to always be in there favor to drive a way the smaller businesses. welcome to modern day communist government. the rich stay rich by operating on the dying or struggling smaller people by controlling them in the bias control of run my way or no way pay them 1/3 of what the fair rate of freight actually pays.

  • Ross - 10 years ago

    Half of the drivers planning to find another, better paying job........ ?! Another half quit when they'll see paycheck.

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