Should These Items From Paul Walker Be Auctioned


  • jimb617 - 7 years ago

    You sick scumbag ,,culture if you were any type of man u would do the right thing and send them immediately to meadow rain walker his daughter ur a puke if u don't do the right thing you know those were never!!! Your property..

  • Justin - 8 years ago

    This really is sad! Its not their property to even sell! Its sick, a very talented unique inspirational actor has sadly been taken away & his friend race driver Roger and people have the cheek to sell of what allegedly are Paul's sun glasses. The seller should rightly hand the sun glasses to Paul's daughter Meadow. Period. Some people are sick in the f*cking head!

  • maria - 8 years ago

    my god!! that's so sick to my stomach, greedy ass mother*ckers and money hungry h0! if you have a heart and balls , put into the picture frame and give it to his parents for their memory lost for their son! doesn't matter if he is a celebrity or not, i understand everyone wants a pieces of stuff from paul walker but damn have a heart, if i find that pieces from paul walker, i would've give it to his daughter or his parents for their memory of paul walker, i wouldn't not keeping it. His parents going through worse to bury their child especially his daughter even worse who lost her dad. That's sad! rip pw

  • Really? - 8 years ago

    This is one the most despicable, disgusting, and disrespectful events I've ever witnessed. Two men are dead, their families are still grieving, and some lowlife bottom feeder is making money because he was "lucky" enough to be there to cannibalize the scene of Paul Walker's and Roger Rodas' deaths.

    Just when I think a human being can't get any lower, there's someone out there to prove me wrong.

  • Angela - 8 years ago

    Cannot believe what i am seeing,PLEASE PLEASE REMOVE this auction!!!This is disgusting,if these are genuine they should be passed onto his family NOBODY should be making a profit from this!!!!!!!

  • Follower - 8 years ago

    I think if you were to explore the idea a little, you wouldn't be so upset.

    It's not like he even passed away that day. Many of us are pretty sure it was a hoax. We arent rude or ignorant over in this blog, maybe some of you want to check it out? People are saying that these items arent even real.

  • Joyce - 8 years ago

    this is so wrong, the glasses belongs to his family and not on a site for auction. the rest is evidence to the police.

    please let the aution stop and bring the glasses home where it belongs by his family

    this is so sick.
    the stuff belongs to his family not to a sick basterd. i hope that they block the auction soon and give that guy a big asskick for boing this sick unrespectfull action.

  • Angela - 8 years ago

    Beyond Disrespectful & heartless, I'm disgusted by you, obviously you weren't raised with good morals, you should be ashamed of yourself!

  • Traci - 8 years ago

    Why would you disrespect one of the most sweetest persons ever lived? I'm sure no one auction off anything of yours if you passed the way he did. The family should get his belongings. I hope they shut down this site. Rest in peace Paul and God bless your family!!! We miss you!!!!!!!!!

  • Marianne - 8 years ago

    Absolutely disgusting. You people should be ashamed of yourselves. I don't care WHAT you intended to use the money for. To make any kind of money for any reason off another person's tragic death is as low as you can go. Try remembering that this was someone's father, son, brother and friend. Would you want someone auctioning off items from his death if he was any of those things to you?

  • Christina - 8 years ago

    How much of a vulture can there be? Right here, heres your answer. Want to do the right thing? Give them to his daughter or his parents. That's what PAUL WOULD DO because HE was a good person.

  • A.D - 8 years ago

    Absolutely disrespectful and heartless!! I hope this man sees these comments and knows how wrong it is of him to do this. Greed really has this society by the throat these days, so much so that people like this just rummage through a devastating site of a tragedy and take items to auction for personal benefit. Absolutely sickening!!

  • lori - 8 years ago

    shame on this bidami they should know better no one bid on anything from them of paul walkers are any celebs cause paul walker has not benn gone that long an some prick is getting his jollys off selling stuff that is not his where is this world coming from that someone are some web site can just get away with selling someones stuff they died in that's sick and morbid shame on you bidami an ebay you both should be shut down you have no respect for familys are paul walkers for that matter if you sell any of his stuff the money better go to his own personal site reach out world wide to help familys in need if it don't go to that site you will be boycottedan closed cause its disrespect full to sell someones stuff with out familys nallage are permishion shame on you money instead of mustang site it better go to reach out world wide pauls own personal site are stop selling the stuff and give it to his family personally those shades belong to paul walkers daughter only not a stranger shame on you

  • JD - 8 years ago

    I agree with both of you

  • Simone - 8 years ago

    I agree with Penny. Paul Walker was the nicest actor I have ever met during my career as a journalist and to see that someone is auctioning off his sun glasses which he wore during this tragic accident makes me sick. They belong to his family and nowhere else. End of story!

  • Penny - 8 years ago

    I think that it's very tacky! Why try to profit off of Paul Walker's death!! Give the glasses to his daughter and be done with it.

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