Summing Up Downton Abbey Season Four


  • Kate Harper - 10 years ago

    Definitely not up to the standard of the previous seasons! Felt like Julian Fellowes had run out of fresh ideas!

  • nell - 10 years ago

    At 81, have long enjoyed those classical stories, but find it hard to believe that the two baby sons of characters in P& P having married women 19-22 yrs older as told by the writer! That's stretching it a bit!
    As to DA, we all needed some time to mourn Matthew, so the somewhat low-keyed ending to this seasons show, I believe only is preparing us for bigger things. Being a teenager during WWII, I can tell you that attacks were going on in Germany against anyone who made remarks against Hitler so Edith's love easily could have/was detained by the goons then operating in Germany and no word would come out on his/anyone's whereabouts. I am appreciating the story line as there must be better events coming in the new season.

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