After reading Gillis' letter, are you confident he can create a Cup-winning team?


  • Nigel - 10 years ago

    This sounds like the same broken record being played YET AGAIN.

    It seems like it has been all tried before so maybe they should start trucking in the water the drink from Stanley Cup winning cities instead. What else could it be?

  • Paula - 10 years ago

    Well after tonight's game it sure proved you have made great choices I think the coach should go as well!!

  • Joe Blows - 10 years ago

    Time for Acquilini to make a BOLD move....FIRE Mike Gillis!!!

  • Brian - 10 years ago

    " Vision " is obviously Gillis`s catch-word for the day . How clever . Too bad he does`nt actually have any . If he did , he may have been able to visualize how quickly he has dismantled a very good team , and turned them into a laughing stock . They are years away from being competitive . Too many long term NTC contracts tied up in unproductive , aging players . Stars ? Really ? WHO are these stars you speak of ? I can`t think of ANY team in the league that does`nt have more upside than the Canucks right now .
    Can you ?

  • Kevin W Christian - 10 years ago

    You have taken a Stanley Cup contender and utterly DESTROYED this team Mr. Gillis! You and you alone have ruined this team....YOU signed Luongo to that God awful contract! YOU who traded a 1st round pick AND Michael Grabner to aquire who?...Kieth Ballard?!?! You who picked up Booth to 'improve' our scoring...and we all know how that turned out! THEN YOU trade Schnieder away.....only to trade Luongo a year later...YOU couldn't make that f**king trade THEN and keep the kid??? WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU SMOKING?????...On 2nd thought, I take that back, its not just YOU...the Owners are just as screwed in the head as YOU are!! Thanks for nothing!!! I'll never waste another dime supporting this abortion you've created....a**holes!

  • ibm1166 - 10 years ago

    nice try gillis i wont spend another dime on this team till your gone your the worst gm this franchise has ever seen you have to go and get someone who will do something to a stail team your on the news bragging how you freed up cap you sighned that deal for luongo timne to go gillis!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! long time fan and not happy!!!!!

  • Lou - 10 years ago

    We have seen the end of the Great Canucks, Mr.Gillis, you are the problem with the Canucks
    all of the fans agree on that ...... how do we get rid of you. It is going to be many many many
    years before we in Vancouver ever see the likes of the former winning Canucks. It is time for
    you to leave ...... do you know how to leave gracefully or do we have to continue to watch you
    be a disgraceful leader. Grab a Brain. And take a train ........ outa Vancouver.

  • liz - 10 years ago

    need to trade mike Gillis too

  • mike quinn - 10 years ago

    the best goalie in the nhl is marty broeadur.
    Roberto is a joke and a cry baby..

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