Should the word Bossy be banned when talking about young girls?


  • Nuny - 9 years ago

    I think Karen is missing the point with the ban bossy campaign. The subtext and what the women were saying is not ban the word 'bossy' but specifically ban the problematic usage of the word. They're saying ban the negative connotation that bossy is used in regards to girls. And what Beyonce was saying herself was to teach girls to take charge and not allow the dismissal of leadership in girls. Beyonce's narrative backs up everything she's saying since the moment she became her own manager years ago. All her media is saturated with her clearly depicted as the head honcho, and even when in reference to her husband the terms move to partners. I welcome the campaign and although there are better ways they could have approached the subject this is a step in the right direction over Lean in and other yt feminist initiatives putting the onus on women to fix sexism and discrimination against women in the workplace.

  • David Satz - 9 years ago

    No doubt kids can be bossy to one another, as can grown-ups. That's legitimately worth protesting, and I want people to have tools to resist being manipulated and bossed around. The word itself seems gender-neutral to me unless I'm missing something. At any rate girls and women should be completely free to use it as far as I'm concerned. When it's used to hurt and limit girls and make them question themselves unfairly, that's what should be criticized.

  • Anthony "Animal Thug" Tatum - 9 years ago

    Do I smell beef between Beyonce and Kelis?

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