Who is an asshole?


  • Thomas B, Sperry - 4 years ago

    This woman is the She Devil. She is what is wrong with the legal profession. She had me tied in a legal quagmire for over 13 years, postponed the case numerous times because the judge was not ruling in her favor. She is a pathological LIAR and is dishonest, has no integrity and just lies about everything. I do not know how this She-Devil can sleep at night.

  • M - 6 years ago

    Autocorrect messed up my comment, hope it made sense

  • M.... - 6 years ago

    She did the same thing in my troll case, after being adminished for contacting me directly and not thilrough my hired counsel, but waited until after exiting the courtroom door, she's the worst kind of unethical so called lawyer and should be disbaamtred for her lack of reso CR do the court

  • Jerry - 9 years ago

    Seriously, who goes into a courtroom and calls the judge an epithet? Schulz must think judges don't talk to each other, or that incidents like this one don't somehow get into the public record. I've had my share of difficult judges, but losing it and throwing out an epithet like this is off the charts.

    Reminds me of the time Steele stomped out of a courtroom yelling at the judge and saying "It's called cut and paste!!!" ---which was apparently intended to try and educate the judge on the fundamental use of word processing.

    Schulz is a troll, and she'll continue to be treated like one going forward. This won't turn out well for her at all.

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