Do you think the Pastor should have been made to confess in front of his congregation as he did?


  • Concern Christian - 8 years ago

    That Is somthing between the husband ,wife and GOD. She never should have asked him to air his dirty linen in public.

  • KatA - 9 years ago

    No!! Not at all! He only had to ask forgiveness of his wife and God! That was it! For his wife to suggest otherwise was horrible. We're human people!!! God forgives!

  • Donna Little - 10 years ago

    I voted yes, but I can say yes and no. The reason I said yes is because after telling his wife and her if they planned to work things out he should do what she asked of him. I hate he died, but when someone mess up in a marriage I feel they should do what it takes to please the other person. It was his time to go and even if he had not confessed, he would have died because it was his time. He did get forgiven, had he lived he may not have stopped sinning. Prayers to the family and the church family. This can be a lesson learned, thou should not commit adultery. If it's in your heart to do ask God to give you strength, because we are living in the last days and Satan will use whatever tactics he can to try to steal our soul to hell.

  • LeRoy Sallee - 10 years ago

    He should have confessed , but not so by being made to by his wife ..He should have had a heart to confess out of guilt and shame , knowing how his congregation felt toward him,,he and he along should have prayed and asked GOD to forgive him and direct him as to going forward...PEACE

  • Zach Gallman - 10 years ago

    Those who voted no and who say it's between him and God are completely ignorant. Please go search the Scriptures on this matter. He can't lead a church if he is not even faithful to his wife and family. Good for his (attempted) confession. God-willing, he was forgiven because of it. Otherwise, he may not have been forgiven by God.

  • Rosalie Dann - 10 years ago

    I believe that as Pastor he needed to confess to the church. He has a contract with the church and has broken it. A Pastor / Elder should be a One Woman Man - ie, not a cheat. I think his wife, as his helpmeet , AND as a Mother, should have ensured that their children knew BEFORE the church knew and also should have been prepared that he was going to confess on that day so they could choose to be elsewhere at the time. Had this been handled better, he may still have been alive. This appears to have been done very soon after he confessed to his wife so I imagine she was still seriously hurt and grieved - now she also has his death to contend with. Not to mention the children. Now they have a 'triple blow ' to deal with - their Father's infidelity to their Mum, his death, and the fact that their anger and attacks may have aided in his death. That is MORE than they should have to deal with and I feel very sad for their family and the congregation.

  • Denise Crump - 10 years ago

    No one is too blame but himself!

  • Denise Crump - 10 years ago

    No one is too blame but himself!

  • New Iberia, LA - 10 years ago

    I think the pastor should have confided to his wife in private after confessing to God.. If he thought
    the children should know, this should have been done in private also. What a hard thing for young
    people to hear in a public realm, especially from their father who was also the pastor. They probably grew up hearing him extol the virtues of being faithful to a spouse only to learn that
    he did not practice what he preached. I'm not sure they ever had to know and honestly what good did it do?
    Now he is gone and they will have to live with knowing they "stoned him", so to speak, just before he
    took his last breath. He was wrong of course....but we've all sinned and fallen short of Gods glory. What
    he needed most was forgiveness, which apparently he got more of that from his congregation than he did
    from his own family. However, I also believe that after confessing it would have been appropriate for him to step down from leadership and work with accountability partners to be restored.
    I have compassion on those in leadership that fail. I know they face a daily battle especially as leaders.
    My only problem is when they fall and insist on keeping their leadership roles intact expecting people to
    continue to trust them through it all. We cannot follow someone we do not trust.

  • Mscynae - 10 years ago

    That's between him, God & his wife.. That's who he has to answer to. The congregation is filled with sinners. They are there to save their own Souls..

  • Pacman - 10 years ago

    Unless if the accomplice was threatening to blackmail him, there was no need to tell anyone apart from God! It's bad enough he confessed to the wife and hurt her confidence, knowing she would never trust him ever again, let alone, telling the whole church and making people like me never trusting pastors ever again, and sinning against God by talking shit about them. You never know how vindictive your wife is, till she finds shit out. If you're remorseful of your sins, break it off and keep your don't need that drama from your ungrateful kids and unsupportive wife! My take is: IF YOU CHEAT ON ME, TAKE IT TO THE GRAVE! DONT EVER LET ME KNOW, COS IT WON'T MAKE ME LOVE YOU ANY MORE THAN I ALREADY DO!

  • Angela Moore - 10 years ago

    I don't think he should have confessed to his sheep because the excite would be to overwhelming.....Everyone is not going to forgive you........They stoned this man not realizing he is human and subject to sin. He confessed to his wife and ask God to forgive him that would have been enough........And his wife shouldn't have told her husband to go before the church she knows how people would react..........She did this for her hoping if he confess to the church he would cheat on her anymore...I wonder how she feeling now? and those members........Some of them cheated on there wife too but they wasn't going before the church and tell it....God took him so he could die in Christ.......Because he would have did it again in secret.And I approve this message.

  • MARCI - 10 years ago


  • what matter - 10 years ago

    what did Jesus say to the ADULTERY woman ....he that without sin cast the first stone... woman go and SIN no more

  • AT2W - 10 years ago

    Well, the pastor's wife requested that he confess to the church. She may have wanted him to rid the guilt and shame it put on their family. We are sorry that he dies this way and it was apparent his family were the ones who were really hurt by the news.

  • Brenda - 10 years ago

    First of all, the pastor should have told his children privately after telling his wife privately. And secondly, as a man of God we are all human and can err. But being a Godly man and pastoring such a large flock it is true that he should let known his discretions. It is then at that point if the partitioners will forgive him and allow him to keep pastoring. No one walked this earth was perfect but Jesus. Even though we all strive to be as close to being Christ like as possible. This pastor owed it to his congregation to inform them of this. We should not judge because God is the only true judge. He died because his children were the hardest on him of all. He was devasted and his heart could not deal with the harshness they threw at him. God forgive him and his children who have to live with this horrible death. We need to been more cognizance of the things that come out of our mouths. Hold your tongue and ask God to help you deal with the situation rather than lashing out at someone who is not perfect either.

  • Renee Smith - 10 years ago

    I believe even though his wife should have been told of his transgression. We are not the judge God is, and it is up to Him to forgive. As Matthew 7:3 - 4 says "Why do you look at the speck that is in your brother's eye, but do not notice the log that is in your own eye? 4"Or how can you say to your brother, 'Let me take the speck out of your eye,' and behold, the log is in your own eye? This matter is none our business, it belongs to the Bishop and God Jehovah, so let us pray for his soul.

  • Ms Lady - 10 years ago

    I believe the preacher should share his problems with the church. The pastor wants to consel us about our problems. We need to understand the Pastor is just a man /women with problems themselves. We all have done things we are not proud of but don't be a hipercrite and act like you are not flawed. He was a marriage conselor trying to give advice while he was unfaithful to his wife. How objective could he really be.

  • Darlene - 10 years ago

    I think as being a Pastor he had a duty to his church to let them know. But he should have told his children after he told his wife. I remember when my daughter was an usher in the church and she got pregant, I told her that due to her holden a position in the church she needed to let them know and ask for forgiviness. The way his kids found out was wrong, not confessing to the church.

  • Gordie Cole - 10 years ago

    Normally it is between husband and Wife , but he has been counceling his church on family values , so it is good to let them know it can happen to anyone. It does not make it wright but by confessing before them and God he has humbled him self . I just say let them that cast the stone look in their own heart to see if they have ever been wrong.

  • candy apple - 10 years ago

    That was between the husband and wife. The children did not need to know.

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