If You Recognized A Porn Star In Public Would You Tell Anyone?


  • Chuck Spears - 9 years ago

    I bumped into Beauty Dior in midtown one time, I told her, in a not so creepy way, "I'm a big fan." I was walking with a friend he just saw that she was fine, I had to explain to him why I was a fan. I didn't shout it from the mountain tops, but I did tell the person I was hanging out with and now I'm telling the entire Black Guy Who Tips Nation.

  • Cradicus - 9 years ago

    I don't feel like I have a responsibility to protect the anonymity of porn performers, you're giving up the right to some of that when you decide to appear on a website, and just like with anything else, the internet is forever. But I also don't think that doing porn should be some kind of scarlet letter that disqualifies someone from all non-porn walks of life, because that is some bullshit. I said yes in the poll, but I like to think that it'd be more like I'd play it cool when I got home I'd tell my friends "I saw a porn star at the Walgreens!" or whatever, instead of following her around the Walgreens pointing and shouting "UNCLEAN!" or some other crazy thing.
    Also, I know it's a losing battle but people are throwing around the word "star" really loosely in this whole story. Not everyone in porn is a star, let's be real!

  • Joe Spacely - 9 years ago

    I wouldn't tell ON her, but I would want to tell somebody that I saw somebody I recognized. Hopefully, the person I told would not get her in trouble, as I'm only telling somebody who I would want knowing that I watch porn in the first place, since I don't need a lot of "how do you know that" questioning.

  • ShePuentes - 9 years ago

    NO...unless it's one of my sisters, mainly because I would have to share my traumatization with someone else. lol.

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