Have You Ever Been In An Altercation Becuase Of Playing Spades?


  • MissDani10 - 10 years ago

    I learned to play spades in high school during P.E. There would be so many games going on in the gym you'd think you were at the casino lol! Few played for money, and most played for bragging rights. One of my friends let me watch one game and they taught me the fundamentals. A few of the teams bid for books and some just counted up after each hand and wrote down the score. Oh the fights that ensued after a game of spades lol! Most started when deciding which joker was the big joker (bicycle cards: "guaranteed" vs. the joker that had the bigger picture). Just goes to show that stating the rules before the game can save you grief. Bid Whiz is very similar to spades (well the one I learned) you bid for books like in spades, but the difference is your "trump" changes per game, so after you cut the cards, the suit on the bottom is now your trump...unless its the deuce of spades or a joker...then the dealer calls trump BEFORE THEY DEAL. I don't know if thats how everyone else plays it, but hey it's just as fun! I don't play anymore though....the last time I was playing with my family and I called my cousin a bitch and I knew it had gone too far cause he got upset. So, I understand Rod when he says it gets too serious THIS IS NOT A GAME!

  • Sir_Charles - 10 years ago

    LOL at the lady who said that they didn't play with Jokers or anything wild. She wasn't playing spades, she was playing "I Declare War"

  • professlch - 10 years ago

    Nearly 70 VOTES in this poll??!! For real? See: that's EXACTLY why ... nawl. SMH.

  • NiLoLo - 10 years ago

    I knew me and my, then new, boyfriend would last when he didn't end it all after I accidently reneged the first game of spades we ever played. I remember him asking me if I could play and I took offense. I went on to brag about how we played spades regularly in middle and high school (s/o to PGCPS) and naturally continued into college. Our mutual friends "the enemy" at the time called me on cutting hearts earlier and pulled the book. I felt so bad and knew had he done that we might've been on a break for a while. He was almost too understanding...

  • da_ticklah - 10 years ago

    Blind 5, nigga please it was Blind 7 or better and you had to be down 150 to do it.

  • Doughstax - 10 years ago

    I learned spades from my high school wrestling coaches. One of my teammates kept demanding a "Chinese cut". My coach flatly told him that he could get a Cleveland shank and to shit his ass down. It should be noted that this coach had shanked folks on the team with his keys before, so that was more of a promise than a threat.

    In another game, I knew a dude that was jacked outta his mind. He could power clean like 365 (in high school and yes, he likely was on the PEDs give he was 5'11, 225) and this little dude (5'6, about 150) who was dark as night renigged in a game. Big dude called him out on it. Little dude yelled, "call the book"! Next day the little dude's eye was swollen shut and somehow his face was blacker.

    Me and and my one friend can't play spades with each other anymore because of several games where I'd have hands loaded with spades and face cards, cut him (because otherwise I'd renig) and then this nigga had the nerve to get mad at me about it. Fuck him. In fact, I'm gonna try to get a game going with me and someone against him and his girlfriend because , well, y'all know how that shit goes. His hot headedness plus her naivety? Oh. It'll be good.

  • Princeleron - 10 years ago

    Nigga, I have to stories. The first on is of Glory. I was in high school and was playing spades with a white dude as my partner. We were playing against two black girls. They were beating the holy shit out of us. On the last hand we went blind 13 as a joke. We got the cards and they went board. After we had the books 9-0 we that datBoston was bout to get ran. I started sing Mariah Carey's Heartbreaker loud as shit. The girls threw their cards down and walked away. From that day, me and that dude have an intrinsic bond that can never be broken.

    The second story is pure fuckery. I stopped playing spades for a while. I was like Shepard in Above the Rim. One day my brother convinced me to play against our crazy ass uncles. It is important to the story to know that all of my uncles have been to prison. I started the game throwing out the Ace and King of hearts. I then threw out the Queen and my brother cut it. My uncle, Bone, jumped up ask yelled, "y'all little niggas think y'all slick" and accused us of signaling each other because my brother wiped his nose after the second hand. They then told us to leave and that our daddy punk ass probably taught us that bitch shit. We were all cool by the end of the night but I haven't played spades since.

  • Joe Spacely - 10 years ago

    I must have played Fundamentals of Spades in my past because I knew nothing of anything that you all were talking about on Sunday. But I have SEEN altercations involving relatives, including one uncle pulling a knife on another one.

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