Would You Like to See A HD Remaster for Final Fantasy XII?

  • Squallseifer - 6 years ago

    Please! For all that's holy! Give us the Japanese version in English! I don't give a $&/+ about HD! Just unbreak the game for us stupid Americans!

  • Jedi - 6 years ago


  • Aleksandar Markovic - 6 years ago

    Ive been following this for over a year now and it doesnt seem that it would be released at all.
    Does this voting sites really help????? THINK NOT!! Its all about time and money, if they dont have that for FF12 it will never happen, we can all just keep dreaming!

  • Tim Irwin - 6 years ago

    Do it!! After my divorce I went over to Xbox and could not handle it any longer, I bought a ps2 just so I was able to play FFXII. I would be willing to get a square enix tattoo in exchange for a copy. Suck a dick? whatever!! Make 12 in HD, PLEASE!!!!!

  • Patrick - 6 years ago

    I have played almost every Final Fantasy game. FFXii was and is the BEST game Squre Enix ever developed. An HD remake would be awesome.

  • stanley - 7 years ago

    heck yeah i would love square enix to remaster ffxii i fell in love with that game and would love it even more that remasted it on both ps3 and ps4 XD

  • Felipe Moraes - 7 years ago

    Final Fantasy XII HD for PS VITA.

  • Ricardo Marcelino - 7 years ago

    Quem comentou dizendo que FINAL FANTASY XII é o pior game da série é porque não jogou.

  • Rudy - 7 years ago

    I trully don't understand WHY people din't understand YET that ffxii was a glamorous creation. LOL. The battle systen was totally new. And the map is incredible. There are diferent kind of weather, 2 diferent kinds of evolution, a lot of chalenge and STILL some and another who don't understand that FF series = evolution. I'd love to play it on my vita. My vote always gonna be yes for this amazing game.

  • Manuel Saenz - 7 years ago

    Please remake this ff!!!

    Mexico has fans of this final fantasy for ps3 would be a dream !!!

    Tendran muchas ganancias aqui en mexico ;)

  • Jay - 7 years ago

    Please remake this game
    I like this one the most

  • cammy tee - 7 years ago

    Put it on the Vita!!!

  • KyleSpade - 7 years ago

    I think it's a great idea. I always loved how the gameplay changed on ff12. It has a fast paced and smooth flow. Loved the story too. (Like duh), Its one of your best and the last one that popped out the ps2 so why not? 100% assert on this please. Thanks!

  • Harrison - 7 years ago

    I would be a day 1 buyer of all cross compatible copies (psvita/ps3/ps4). I have every FF ever made and love the work you do on jrpg's. Thank you

  • Ash - 7 years ago

    In my opinion it's one of the best ff in the series. Diffrent game play mechanics and would happily throw my money at square Enix for a hd remaster wether it be on ps3 or vita format preferably both as it's got well over 150+ hours worth of playability even though square have suffered some hard times as of late this could prove to be a great little earner for the hardcore fans of the series as it is the only ff that has not got a mobile or hd revamp or port please square appease the hundreds of thousands of fans and hd remake this classic or at least publish it again on console markets :)

  • luis cabrera - 7 years ago

    To play this on the vita would be a dream come true not to mention were talking about a classic magnificent final fantasy title and to be able to play it were ever you want i would die of happiness.

  • littleCloud - 7 years ago

    Please FFXII INTERNATIONAL JOB SYSTEM HD for PS3 a dream for european gamer ! ! !

  • Andre Barneond - 7 years ago

    Please bring FINAL FANTASY XII to ps3 vita and ps4 its my all time favorite final fantasy and it would be great if you includes VAGRANT STORY
    By the way pleaae make vagrant story 2

  • Leo95 - 7 years ago

    That would be amazing and dont forget to include the international zodiac job system version that never appeard in europe and america! Again an hd collection already and would get better if you somehow could include revenant wings like in kingdom hearts. But dont remaster the music its already awsom and it gives the ivalice feeling.
    The fans would be greatfull! If that hapens im gonna pre order the biggest collectors edition i could get!
    Hope you see this

  • Pj - 7 years ago

    This needs to happen. Greatest Final Fantasy game there ever was, in my opinion. Lets toss it a Pheonix Down.

  • Totoro - 7 years ago

    I don't even need it remastered, would be happy with it the way it way with some trophies.

  • John - 7 years ago

    An HD remake of Final Fantasy XII would be amazing, even better if it was made for PS3 & PS4, but I could live with just a PS3 version. I would definitely be a day one buyer.

  • Frafrafra90 - 7 years ago

    An HD remaster of Final Fantasy XII for ps3 would be a dream !

  • mike - 7 years ago

    enough off ff7 god >.> nowwww please remaster FF12 i never played it i saw a friend play it and it looks awsome please make it

  • Juan Dominguez - 7 years ago

    I Love FF12 I think is one of the best Final Fantasy game, I would love to see it in glorious HD.

  • PGU - 7 years ago

    I certainly would like to see Final Fantasy XII revived as a PS2 classic playable on PS3.

    I do hope though when they decide to go for it, they leave the soundtrack and voiceovers intact like they are right now!

  • mr. me2 - 7 years ago

    Hey there square enix ! Final Fantasy 12 is the best game i ever played in my life ! I love all the other ff games i played but 12 is the best. I only buy ff 10 remaster because u say u would make a hd remaster of ff 12 when ff 10 hd is sell often. Please i don't know how somebody can hate ff 12 its so amazing. Me and my friends all of them want the ff 12 hd remaster and all of them want to buy a deluxe collectors edition of the best game that people ever created.

  • Lucas - 7 years ago

    please HD Remaster fial fantasy XII,is the best game of FF I have played,please remake

  • TENSAI - 7 years ago


  • DoIT - 7 years ago

    Funny how Square does everything in their power to make the fans happy, yet FF7 gets a kick ass addition like crisis core and an awesome movie and all the fans are still whining for more. If you guys are the reason 12 or any other 'newer' looking releases do not get a remaster.... shame on you all. Patience is a virtue.. and voting against another remaster surely will shoot down their efforts to work on others.

    I vote yes, let them keep improving.

  • Markuxia - 7 years ago

    this recent of a game does not need a remaster.... yet work on older FF games.

  • Leandro - 7 years ago

    This is the best Final Fantasy. The best game of my life!!!
    HD Remaster please;

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