(2) Captive Prince v. (15) Touch & Geaux (Poll Closed)

  • (2) Captive Prince Vol. 1 by CS Pacat
    2,829 votes

  • (15) Touch and Geaux by Abigail Roux
    1,937 votes


Posted 5 years.


  • Arielle - 5 years ago

    I've recently read Cut and Run this year, it was a great book and I'll be reading more in the series. But Captive Prince is hands down my most favorite M/M book series EVER, and I've been the genre for a very, very long time. A diamond in the ruff for sure, don't let the simplistic cover sway you away, the story and characters are anything but simple. It is a most lovely world and people- their relationship evolves just perfectly. Obviously I could praise it all day long, but really read both books if you like one or the other. I wish more M/M books upheld the astonishing quality and imaginative power of both books, but especially in my opinion Captive Prince.
    CP is newer, but each day the fan base is booming and expanding I see it all over the internet, and now that Penguin publishing has picked up the series I'm sure it will become a M/M standard for anyone interested. Can't wait to see new covers and the ever awaited book 3!

    Congrats to both books, your fans love you!

  • maya - 5 years ago

    this was obviously the most intense poll out of them all. and I think that speaks a volumes for both books. As a Cut & Run fan I will totally be checking out Captive Prince (because dang if it can beat Touch & Geaux it HAS to be good). I hope the rest of you will do the same both ways. Because this is a great opportunity to spread the love of reading and gain reconition for what is still considered a 'niche genre' , if you check out Ty and Zane's story I promise you will not regret it (although it may break your heart when you finally do reach chapter 10 of T&G).

    Touche & Geaux is one of the most heart-wrenching and emotional books I have read, in a long time and I am so sad it did not win but even though I am sore loser I concede to Captive Prince which I am hoping proves itself to be a worth adversary.

    Stay strong minions.

  • Jenn - 5 years ago

    Captive Prince is one of the best series I've ever read...in any genre. I hope this one goes all the way!

  • TheDreamSeller - 5 years ago

    I won't judge S.E. Pacat's work, I haven't read it, and I've heard great things about it. But I've read " Touch & Geaux" and I've loved it with all of myself.

    When I was little, I used to read books in the most innocent of ways: simply to enjoy the stories. No pretentious it's well written, it's badly written about all that stuff. I liked a book and a story for the plot. But I loved a book when it gave me goosebumbs; when it stirred me inside, and moved me, and made me feel. Empathize with the characters to the point of hurting. That's what made me love a book; living it from the safety of my bed or couch while still being there, inside the pages with the characters.

    Nowadays I'm way more fickle about books; they have to be well written, and there are some escamotages that writers often use that irk me and I like lots of books, and I've loved my fair share, too. But in order for me to love them, they have to give me shivers. And this one did. I got goosebumbs, it gave me the chills. The characters are incredibly well rounded, the writing style is really, really good. "Cut and Run" is a series that I enjoy like I do few, and this one has been so far my favourite installment. So yeah, my vote goes to "Touch & Geaux" and Abigail Roux. And I suggest so do yours, if you have loved that book the way I have.

  • Nancy J. Silberstein - 5 years ago

    C'mon, you know that the minute you finished Vol. 1 of Captive Prince, you started Vol. 2. And that you have reread both several times! So follow your heart and vote CAPTIVE PRINCE.

  • Minion4life - 5 years ago

    Though Captive prince was an amazing story ty and zane have roots, they have multiple books and an involved fan base. VOTE FOR TOUCH & GEAUX

  • Trish - 5 years ago

    Captive Prince is an amazing story and this is coming from a TY/Zane fan! :)

  • happyminion68 - 5 years ago

    Come on minions! Abi needs our votes!

  • Minion - 5 years ago


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