Should journalist be able to use public social media entries in news articles without the user's consent ?

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  • missdani10 - 9 years ago

    I believe that the article caused so much commotion, because of the topic. Sexual assault is a very sensitive subject, and most of those people were basically tweeting through the pain. In cases like that, publishing tweets in a blog just for "clicks" was would be different if it was to help the people deal with the shame/hurt/etc. Any other time buzz feed has published tweets it was about "black twitter" or funny tweets about an awards show, and I don't remember anyone filing a lawsuit for that...this was just buzz feed doing what they do.

    On another note: those R.Kelly church song remixes had me laughing sooooo hard!! Remember when he tried to go gospel? Oh how many church mimes were done to "You Saved Me"? It would be hilarious for someone to do a "Trapped in the prayer closet" series!!

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