What happened to Malaysia Airlines Flight 370?


  • Knight of the round table - 10 years ago

    NOBLE HUMBLE KNIGHT ‏@4everhesaid Protected Tweets 18m

    ... protected passage. Theoryflight 370 security breach .. ..cloaked down,due to recent stolen uranium,passages gased from neighboring air-craft.. the plane is down-sir ..the plane is down!

  • William Haines - 10 years ago

    don't forget the death of payne stewart!

  • Peter Grois - 10 years ago

    At becomes more obvious the airplane of the Malaysian Airline had been stolen. It did not crash but landed somewhere. The question about what does the thieve intend to do with it has to be answered still. That size of a plane requires a length of a runway of at least 7,000 feet long. The airport with that runway has to have the supporting equipment for the plane and also a shelter to hide it or keep id hidden in other ways from satellite observation. In any regards it takes more than just the pilot to accomplish this theft.
    Here is my theory on how the plane could have been flow undetected to a safe hiding place. I had to put on my pilot hat to do so.
    The plane took off as scheduled from Kuala Lumpur. It stayed on course according to flight plan to the transfer from the Malaysian ATC to the Vietnam ATC. At about that point the ACAR and transponder had been turned off. That hand over of the flight from one to the next ATC does not have to be immediately. This is normal procedure and a delay in reporting to the next ATC would not raise any suspicion. The receiving ATC allows about one hour to get contacted by the pilot of the plane to be expected. After that time the plane would be looked for. During this hour the pilot of Flight 370 turned to a westerly heading and followed, without ident (ACAR or transponder signal) the border between Malaysia and Thailand. That way detection by the radar of ether one of the two control centers was avoided or the controller had been assuming the plane is in contact with the other control center. After the short flight across land there was just ocean. Radar detection at the Nicobar Islands and later on Radar detection at the Maldives could be avoided by simply fly close to the water. There would be no obstruction the pilot would have to have to fear. After passing the Maldives the plane turned gradually North in direction of Iran or Pakistan. Keeping distance to the coast of India would ensure not to be detected by their Radar.
    The distance to be flown along that route would be within the range of the airplane if it started with a full tank(s).

    The search for the plane has to be intensified to avoid it being used by a terror group as a gigantic weapon of mass destruction.

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