Does Rough Porn Anti-Feminist?


  • PrinceLeron - 9 years ago

    Participating in any type of porn should not determine whether or not you are a feminist. I hate having conversations about porn because most people are too unwilling to admit why they watch porn. We watch whatever porn is going to help us get that nut off. Who lets political ideology decided what type of porn they will watch. Not me! I go onto porn site the same way Idris Elba goes into the drift, with no emotions and leaking from an orifice.

  • Animaine Sparkster - 9 years ago

    Some women like a good rough face fucking. And damnit, there's nothing wrong with that! "Eh" Fahnon Bennett of TWiB's We Nerd Hard once said something to the effect of, "the worst thing we ever did as a society was making women feel bad for wanting sex." And he couldn't have been more right. Even feminists aren't immune of slut shaming. In fact, depending on which brand they subscribe to, feminists can be some of the most shameful people around. They're in favor of women's rights as long as it's the rights THEY want women to have. No, anal-crease, feminism doesn't work if it reinforces the same patriarchal constrictions of our current society. From what I've seen, these anti-porn feminists are as anti-woman as any misogynist on the corner because they infantilize women instead of treating them like adults who can make their own decisions.

    Fuck Shaming, Get Money. And Rough Head. If You Want It.

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