Should Wu-Tang Come Out With Another Album

  • redbone sonya - 6 years ago

    I said no. but I changed my vote to yes if it will keep THE RZA OUT OF MY MOVIES!!! or buy him an acting coach. Bring Back da BEEZ!!

  • Joe Spacely - 6 years ago

    Nah. It's been too long. Nobody wants to see Granddad break out the mic and relive the 90s. Rod, you're up to date on music - have any of them done anything worthy of my attention in the last 10 years, besides "Chappelle Show" appearances?

  • Chuck Spears - 6 years ago

    if the Rolling Stones, Guns and Roses and Bob Dylan can continue to put out shitty music, why not the Wu? But Onyx should not have, that was some kind of horrible. I know I'm late on that, but it needs to be said.

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