Heart Beat: Old vs Fresh


  • RJ - 9 years ago

    If the second man really love you, I don't think he's willing to share you with another guy. The worse part is when he willing to do it as long as your boyfriend didn't know it. So, maybe you are just a mere convenient for him, but not the girl he wants to keep as the mother of his child. Think about it.

  • Lazarus Long - 9 years ago

    The theme of this tale is as old as the eucalyptus trees that hem the Tigris and the Euphrates rivers. This woman story teller wants her cake and eat it too. Lust, wantonness, and carnal desires mark the broken human being unable to exercise God-given free will. Lonely? That is an old trick from the dark side. Allow even a hint of loneliness to seep into your brain and your genitals take over the thinking function. Basic baboon behavior.

  • Trinee - 9 years ago

    Pro longing your decision will only torture you in the end. Always put your emotion stability first and choose whoever you daydream about forever with.

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