Should the NFL continue its London expansion?

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Posted 5 years.


  • JR Salazar - 5 years ago

    72% of people who voted in this poll are idiots. Your closed-door thinking will kill this sport. Get real.

  • Ray Burgett - 5 years ago

    The rich owners the all they care about is their pocket book and the home fans lose a home game. Make it one of the exhibition games !!!!

  • SRM - 5 years ago

    Needless to say I'm still pissed off that last year the Steelers/Vikings game was played in London. I waited 8 years for my Steelers to play again in Minneapolis and then the NFL moves the game to London. I don't get it. I'm from ND and there is a huge following of Steeler fans here, so this game would have been a huge money maker for Minneapolis/St. Paul. Both of my children now live in the MSP area, so we had planned to make a fun weekend out of it. Yes, the NFL and the teams still make the money, but what about the community? There are only 8 homes games a year and the NFL takes one away, that's just not right. MSP lost millions in sales/tax because of this. And what about the fans/season ticket holders. They get screwed out of an opportunity as well. Play a preseason game over there but leave the regular season alone!!

  • Michael Polesovsky - 5 years ago

    Does the supposed home team of these travesty's charge their fans for 1 less home game.

  • George Pevarnik - 5 years ago

    Leave American (NFL) football in the US. I don't see any Premier European Soccer teams coming to the USA to compete in a league scheduled game. Won't be long and the NFL will self-destruct!

  • David - 5 years ago

    The more I watch European football (aka "soccer"), the more I believe that North American football will never make an impact. Europeans football fans are passionate, while the NFL version is a trendy variation with no organic reality.

  • Paul - 5 years ago

    I am an American living in Copenhagen and the Danes sure love American football. It surprised me how knowledgeable they are and they stay out till 4 in the morning to watch.

  • Adam - 5 years ago

    I think it is unfair for the team that only gets 7 home games. Anything that creates a disadvantage for a team should not occur unless it can be avoided. I also think it is a disadvantage for the two teams as they have much more traveling involved during that week which limits practice and preparation time for the following week.

  • John Loper - 5 years ago

    Doesn't matter what the fans want, the NFL is a bad monopoly.

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