Rappers In Dresses


  • A Dub - 10 years ago

    What these rappers do fashion wise is their business I guess, but I can promise you my big ass won't be in a fuckin dress. Just like I never wore my clothes backwards during the height of Kriss Kross's popularity. But i do feel like K Badd that if i see one of these kids rocking a shirt I'm all the way judging.

  • redbone sonya - 10 years ago

    there are sooo many reasons that this world is failing. but a DUDE wearing a DRESS takes the cake, we ALL finna DIE. NOT from violence, NOT from diseases, NOT from climate change. but from Tyler Perry, Martin, Eddie Murphy, and "Yeezus" making all the black men of the world wear dresses and skinny jeans!!!!! the white man wants to take all of our black men into gaydom with them so they can go live in the greek/old roman/ Sodom and Gomorrah times. So whatcha gone do now HOMIE?... HOMIE ,hey hey, HOMIE!!!! but wait...didn't everyone wear DRESS robes in B.C. (except for the 2 that "wore leaves" )and even after the coming ? Oh.

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