Have you obtained health insurance through the federal marketplace?

  • Don - 7 years ago

    Why is Fox 13 pushing this so hard, are you being paid by Obamacare for it or is your station a big Obama fan and all democrats. Seems like overkill with your telethon type call in to register. Not is my lifetime will I support it and give it time, it will be abolished anyway.

  • Tasha VanSeters - 7 years ago

    Affordable my butt he wants a whole paycheck from me and my family taking food off are plates a roof over are heads, this is a joke no one can have a whole check taken away and live on only 700.00 to 1,000.00 a month, what we are meant to go hungry, go with out shelter, transportation, heat, but I guess if I quit my job me and my family can live on the streets and beg for food but hey we get free health care, this is not right and it needs to be stopped, so now jerk take my taxes next year you have found away to take everything and anything from us hard working Americans that pay taxes and don't live off the system but yet we are punished, nothing about this sounds right. So to answer your question no I do not have health insurance food on the table and a roof over my family's head is more important, the government has taken enough from me and my fiancé this year. So go enjoy your lavish life style and vacations on us hard working Americans............

  • heidi - 7 years ago

    and also manage and also manage it.

  • heidi - 7 years ago

    and also manage and also manage it.

  • Mike Miller - 7 years ago

    Why would I enroll? So I can pay huge premiums and deductibles and not even get a chance to keep my own doctor or the hospital I want to go to. Odumbo and Odumbocrats are scum sucking (fill in the blank)!

  • tom - 7 years ago

    Im so thankful for the opportunity to obtain health ins. We have the best President ever.

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