"Has Games Workshop jumped the shark?"


  • EvilEd209 - 9 years ago

    GW has jumped the 'narrative' shark, and hard. GW has reached the point that not only are they force feeding us their motto 'this is a narrative game and we are a model company not a rules company, not a competitive and balanced game, so EAT IT!' with the fire hose of these wacky rules and expansions. These new expansions, dataslates, ect have further blur the lines between armies (unless you're Tyranids), rules, and the game we all knew and loved from just a year ago. They also have quite literally held their collective middle fingers up in the direction of anyone who try to play their game on a competitive level instead of embracing the people who buy their models. I have never seen a company take such a hard stance against their own paying customers to the point of driving them off to other games like X-Wing, Attack Wing, Warmahorads, etc. who actually give a shit what they people who buy their models and keep their company alive think about the product.

    While I am not selling off the 40K stuff, yet, I am at the point where it is clear to me I am not the customer they want to attract. They don't want my money because I am someone who wants clear and balanced rules to make it fair for all, both competitive and narrative gamers, and a wants to help that company correct errors in their game by exposing loopholes and oversights.

  • Dave W - 9 years ago

    I believe they have jumped the shark - the quality remains great but they seem to be using limited release collecters items, haphazard unstructured rules releases and big impact model releases to keep people unbalanced to prevent them from seeing the wood for the trees - and th 'wood' is that GW is overpriced, the games are not that great and there are more affordable fun options out there like the brilliant firestorm armada and bolt action (what 6th edition 40k should of been).

  • Paul Emile Spehar - 9 years ago

    I don't think they have "Jumped the Shark" yet...but they are balancing on a very thin edge.

    It seems like the zenos armies are getting the better deal with new releases (i.e. Riptide and Wraithlord models and their associated rules), while the Imperium seems to be getting the short end of the stick (the new butt-ugly IG armoured transport). It remains to be seen how the new IG, or should I say, the new Astra Militarum Codex turns out.There are exceptions. The new Knights models are nice, but their Codex could be most politely discribed as "thin" rules-wise, as well as model variety-wise, although the Companion book has nice fluff. The Space Marines got the Centurions, but are almost too expensive (and fragile) to be an auto-take.

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