Obama should announce his vice presidential pick

  • hadenough - 14 years ago

    dan wipe the dew outa yer eyes buddy. By this time in 2004 Kerry had already announced his VP pick. Maybe you do not like that fact... that's really too bad. You are not entitled to your own facts. Anyway genius the number of out right no thank you, no ways is stunning. The dnc’s pick is toxic to humans.

  • Keith Hood - 14 years ago

    I'm holding off on any more donations until I know for certain that his pick is not Hillary Clinton.

  • Jeremy - 14 years ago

    Back in January, I was of the opinion that the announcement should be made on Obama's birthday (August 4), in his grandma's old small, hometown in Kansas, with the guest of honor being our next Vice President, Governor Kathleen Sebelius. Nothing that has happened since in January has changed that opinion.

  • M - 14 years ago

    Ooooh, Dan, dropping the science.

    I say he does it in mid-August. I understand there is some fear about the Olympics being capable of sucking out all of the media attention, but why give McCain the maximum amount of time to consider and reconsider his selection?

  • Dan - 14 years ago

    Check your facts, "hadenough". The 2004 Dem convention began on July 26--a full month before this year's convention. Hence, Obama is in no way "late".

    Also, Kerry was unusually "early", announcing his pick 20 days before the convention. All other candidates (going back to '88) announced their VP pick no earlier than one week before the convention. See the Nagourney NYT piece from July 1.

  • hadenough - 14 years ago

    obama is late right now. By this time in July Kerry had already announced. I'm guessing the stunning number of possible VPs that have very publicly and certainly said no thanks is holding things up.

  • Chris O. - 14 years ago

    Obama can't wait for McCain, GOP convention is after Dems'. McCain will probably announce after the Dem convention.

  • James - 14 years ago

    Should wait and see what McCain does. If he goes with Romney, doesn't matter who he picks. If McCain picks Palin or Pawlenty, it might need some further thought.

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