People Say iTunes is Garbage, What Do You Think?


  • Keith Ullman - 5 years ago

    I'm fed up with my Iphone not being seen when connected, with difficulty copying pictures. With apparently now being required to log in to my Itunes account (requiring being online) to play music. I'm tired of having to re-authenticate every hr with 2FA ..did I mention every hr.. or more. just so I can play some songs. I'm tired of every time I go through that I find my default settings for ICloud have again changed to share pictures, sync my mail, and other settings I DO NOT WANT.. and having to turn them off again. I'm tired of PhotoStream not working anyway. I'm tired of finding that my device did NOT download the song I bought so I can't play it unless I have an Internet connection. I'm tired of Apple sneaking in things like moving music back OFF my device and back INTO their cloud so I again have to look at their damned ads that I have no interest in just to play music on my own device. 11 years on IPhones .. just didn't want to have to re-do all the aps, but I have had enough. I'm donating funds to demons in Hell to move Steve closer to the fire.

  • scooter - 7 years ago

    It seems to me that with the intelligence of the makers of these iphones and all the things that the phone is capable of doing that they would have been smart enough to make the use of iTunes much simpler.
    It is so aggravating and very time consuming to have to change from this to that just to put music or ringtones onto your iPhone. But I agree it's probably so that apple can make more money through iTunes. How much money does it take for these people? They have more than enough and keep raising the prices on their phones and they aren't even usable in many ways. But I guess that is something that they will hold on to so that every phone that comes out will have a little added to it each time, with higher prices.
    It's just as bad as not being able to save your imessages on your phone so that you can go back instantly to retrieve something that may be important.
    I will not buy another iPhone until they make these changes.

  • Paul - 7 years ago

    It's so crap, and I'm SO fed up with it that I've just bought a Sony MP3 player. It comes with all software and everything pre-loaded and the interface programme is intuitive and works like a dream. I'm sorry I ever bought an IPod!!

  • Rick - 8 years ago

    I agree with others comments. Itunes has gotten increasingly user unfriendly and more geared towards apple making more money woth apple music. I am so pissed that if apple continues in this path, i may consider reverting back tp pc ( OMG).

    Almost, seemingly constant issues of one thing or another with Their iphone and the Photo "upgrade" is also a compete piece of shxt.

  • mike - 8 years ago

    I bought a macbook pro in 2008 and Itunes worked fine, and took 5 minutes to learn. I bought a mac mini in 2014, and I have no fucking idea what happened to itunes. I only wanted to make an mp3 of a music file I made, and somehow I made mp3 of every file in my library. I can't use itunes the way I used to, so it looks like I'm going back to cassettes. Fuck you very much apple!

  • Ray - 9 years ago

    I used to love itunes. With its nested smart playlists organizing principle, I could add songs to playlists that categorized them according to genre, rating, energy level, style, rhythm, or any other quality I wanted, and I could organize these categories into hierarchies by nesting playlists within sets of folders. Then I could create playlists of any kind I desired by creating a smart playlist that selected for whichever categories were relevant to me.

    Over the years, Apple has continuously degraded the utility of itunes with every successive imposition of new versions of the software and the operating system. These "upgrades" have several qualities in common: reduced ability to manage your music and playlists to your liking; increased difficulties syncing; slower speed of the program and overall slowing of the computer trying to use them.

    It amazes me that Apple has no mechanism to process and address the concerns of users like me who have specific needs and frustrations that could be easily satisfied by a corporation with the kind of power, capital and resources Apple does. Apple seems to have a philosophy of "We know what's better for you - and if you don't agree, you're simply wrong, and we'll force you to abandon what you want, because we can and because we have contempt for your preferences."

    It seems to me that a large number of people actually like this paternalistic attitude on the part of Apple because it allows them to relinquish their own connection to their own choices and simply be ruled. As you can tell, I'm frustrated and I'm blowing off steam. I've been looking for years for an alternative program that will allow me to transfer my music library over and continue being able to manage it with the freedom and specificity that I value. The only options that seem promising to me so far aren't compatible with my ipod (Apple again exerting dictatorial control over my capacity for choice). I'm so fed up.

  • Mark - 9 years ago

    Itunes IS garbage to me - or anyone raised only to speak "Gates Windows". But to MAC users, it's probably gravy. Problem is - most of the world learned on one of Bill's many Windows O/S's and the way the Apple folks do it seems foreign. I respect the Mac totally - but can't use it to save my a$$. The fact that MS has to come up with a new O/S every few years and update it until doomsday tells us it has eternal issues. After all - Windows 7 was good enough for me, but now we will be forced to buy 10....and on it goes.

    Hell, nothing Linux makes ever locks up or gave us a blue screen! I would bet that Macs are better. But like so many things over time - advertising won over superiority. Remember VHS vs Beta?

  • graham - 10 years ago

    Is there a software as good as the Zune software? It's awesome, still use it for playing music shame it's not compatible with iphone or even windows phone.

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