Should Bus Driver Be Fired For Taunting The Child?


  • em - 9 years ago

    Criminal charges should have been filed against that child abuser! What else has she done while entrusted with the safety of children? The school/school board should be sued by the little girl's family for not terminating her employment.

  • jenny jackson - 9 years ago

    I think some kids deserve to get bullied, made fun of, and laughed at I know a girl she goes by the name of poopygirl. she wears poopy diapers and she smells like rotten eggs, her breath smells like a sewer. everyone on the bus including myself make fun of her. I think bullying needs to stay in all schools all over. I hate smelly people, I hate ugly people, I hate fat people, and I really hate all retarded people. keep bullying in schools.

  • Amanda - 10 years ago

    She should be fired!!! Why would any school district allow an adult to bullying a child?? And have other children chime in???
    Shame on her and shame on the district for not terminating her immediately.

  • Dabney - 10 years ago

    Stop the bullying please. Shame that it was an adult bullying a child. Smh

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