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Would electronic logs be appealing if more flexible hours provisions, such as more permissive sleeper splits, were standard in today's hours rules? (Poll Closed)

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  • T.B. - 9 years ago

    It would be nice to be paid for all my time while working. I would be more than happy to use E Logs if the goverment will guarantee that I would have good paying loads any time that I want them and if not they will guarantee good pay if not available . Hey they sure spent our money helping the auto industrie and they sure have turned out there share of faulty autos that have lead to many highway deaths.

  • M.Shatney - 9 years ago

    We own one truck. Problems are with shippers and brokers who have no idea of road conditions, construction bypasses, tolls, time wasted with appointments not being honored , the need to have lumpers unload you, time needed for food and toilet stops , traffic jams, lane restrictions. Company's as small as 1 to 10 trucks should be exempt. These company's usually have long term drivers and little turn over. They usually are run by and owned by families. They take care of their equipment because they don't have the big dollars to side step and let slide things. Those a folks in congress have never had to keep a log book, and should be made to ride shot gun for 72 hrs in a truck and experience the real road! They should try to sleep on "off" hours. How many can sleep well during day time hours? They want to keep screwing with trucking and farming. The one industry feeds us all . The other brings everything to us in one form or another. How would DC fare for 48 hours. If no trucks brought any kind of goods into the city? Food, clothing, gas, heat, bottled water , liquor,office supplies, repair trucks,..ambulances, fire trucks , tow trucks.....scary to think about. Owner/operators pay taxes as trucking company's, and as consumers. A double whammy for our families. Every time we turn around there is an increase in tolls that are supposed to go to fix the roads, and for trucks they are triple or quadrupal the tolls for cars. You want to allow longer trucks on the roads, but the roads are not designed for them , there are too few parking places up and down the east coast. Too many rest ares closing due to cut backs, but where are we supposed to park safely off road and have use of toilet facilities if they close before most people go to bed at night?there is no need for on board recorders for trucks unless the company chooses to use them. As long as log books are kept, and a driver can do his/ her job right , get the rest they need , food in their bellies, and not be expected to perform duties not in the drivers discription, then let the driver alone!!!this country is becoming to communistic. There is no more free enterprise. We are being taxed and watched to death. When on the road, the truck is also my home....stay the hell out of my bedroom! The government is making truckers become criminals in the sense that they are dealing with 65 mile per hr trucks on bad roads, with 90mph brokers and dispatchers. Very few get compensated for delay time, canceled load/ deadhead miles or fuel. That shoul be addressed, not more taxes or how to keep a better eye on this trucker.cell phones have been a very big issue in cars.. Trucks already have hands free laws. Open up the left lane!!!! Many times an accident can be avoided completely by allowing the truck use of the lane. After all we are mostly thru traffic.... The right lane holds us up with on and off traffic especially in cities. The center lane is used by most as the travel lane... Would be great to be able to use left lane for passing or thru traffic for all vehicles. And the expense to put the stuff in the truck is foolish! Why should it cost so much? The government wants us to have it, they should pay at least half the cost! And we should be able to deduct the expense.

  • mark - 9 years ago

    I AGREE WITH Aaron Olson he could not have hit the nail on the head more squarely.

  • Aaron Owens - 9 years ago

    ELD's should be voluntary and NOT mandatory. A fleet that wants to control cost through truck and driver monitoring should be able to do so if they see that is a need for them. For those that don't have a need should not be forced to do so. The real issue is supposed to be safety. If drivers can sleep when THEY need to and not according to some device, then the industry will have alert, well rested drivers. The 14 hour rule works against that premise. Ours is not a clockwork industry. Many factors contribute to occasional delays. Those delays when they occur, throw a wrench into the whole 14 hour model thus decreasing productivity. One flat tire or traffic jam can cause a chain reaction of late pick up or delivery times. Who suffers? The driver and only the driver who is the key component to this whole equation of getting goods from point A to point B. The driver should be able to make adjustments that fit their individual sleep cycle and still be productive. Trying to make the cab of a truck more like an office cubicle is not the answer. The answer lies in the licensing part of the process. Weed out unsafe potential candidates before they become unsafe CDL holders. Finally, the fine people that load an unload these trucks should have some burden to bear. When they run behind the driver still suffers. If they are late the driver doesn't get to say "Well, to bad, I'll just have to come back tommorrow ". Most of the time the shippers and receivers are the wrench thrown into whatever system we use. They should be held as accountable for time as the driver is expected to be. I mean after all they are the A and B to this whole equation . Right?

  • Warren Wylds - 9 years ago

    An inflexible tool to enforce an inflexible rule.I guess they never heard the word flexibility in all the listening sessions even though it was used a million times!!!

  • Keith Schultz - 9 years ago

    E-LOGS cause erratic driving paterns and speeding to beat the clock...therefore they are unsafe and have never been proven to increase safety. This is an unnecessary burden to an overregulated industry.

  • Clay Harre - 9 years ago

    If drivers cheating on their logs was the real issue the DOT was worried about, there is a simple solution. They could require all log book manufacturers to input sequential numbers on every page of the log book. The carriers would be mandated to ensure every page is accounted for when filing the pages as required by law. If any carrier violated that rule and it was discovered in a DOT audit , the carrier would receive a stiff fine for every page that is missing. If a driver were to void a page , the voided page would also have to be filed. If the driver couldn't produce the voided page he would also receive a fine. That would stop drivers from running two log books or backing up their times.

    However , I think the ELD mandate is more about money for the electronics companies and their lobbyists. It isn't fair to make everyone buy those expensive devices when there are other remedies. It's all about the money.

  • Rich Belton - 9 years ago

    I was on E logs. I had to explain why I would quit driving before my eleven hours of driving was up. 10 hours of driving wasn't enough for my carrier. All of a sudden my loads started to dry up. Even though I had a 100 percent on time rating, they wanted me to arrive sooner in case they needed me for emergency dispatches. Eventually I ran out of work with this carrier. Thus ending my career as an owner operator.

  • Andrew Evans - 9 years ago

    No, the polling question gets at 2 of the important points, privacy and cost, both important, but fails to recognise a few other points

    1. Safety is no goal in these mandates, fmcsa is supposed to be here to help with SAFETY, senseless regulation does not improve safety
    2. What reasonable person would join an industry that beleives he is lying about everything (paper vs elogs)
    3. You can cheat elogs to show what you need them to
    4. Dovetailing with #1, there is NO true scientific link between elogs and safer more rested drivers, by this I mean I have seen NO peer reviewed scientific or medical study with a True representative sample that conclusively provides any safety advantage of e-logs, perhaps "compliance" with regulations based on nonscientific studies, but that is all.
    5. As a buisness owner, quit telling us things we HAVE to do, and just give us our options that we can choose from, there is no good reason to have a government official telling me what my buisness needs are, when that government official has never spent a day working in my industry, much less my niche within that industry. That makes as much sense as the Governor of Indiana telling my mechanic he must buy and use all Metric wrenches when he services any vehicle whether it is metric or imperial by design.

  • Jim Swapp - 9 years ago

    The issue is how long shippers and receivers take loading and unloading!!!!!! When they fix that. It won't matter what kind of log is used.

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