Would You Like to See A HD Remaster for Final Fantasy Type-0 [Instead of PSP release?]


  • Felipe Moraes - 8 years ago

    Final Fantasy Type 0 HD for PS VITA.

  • Wolfrequiem - 9 years ago

    I would like to see it(for the first time -.-) but on ps3. Everyone make games to new consoles. FFXV(which I was waiting for sooo long!) will be on ps4/xboxone of course.. Because new games can't be made to older consoles too -.-

  • Russell - 9 years ago

    of course i would. no one got this game outside of japan.

  • Chris - 9 years ago

    I'd be happy to get the original game ported to any system if it meant that we could play it. I enjoyed playing the demos after I figured out how to play with the language barrier, and the characters and world seem very interesting.

  • Mike - 9 years ago

    Of course I'd like to. Type-0 seems like a fantastic RPG that we JRPG fans outside Japan never had the opportunity to experience. In these days, many famous JRPGs are making it to the west like Bravely Default, Conception II, Hyperdimension Neptunia, the Atelier series and even the Tales series which has always been famous for having a lot of titles exclusive to the Japanese market.

    Type-0 would do good in sale in the West because there's still a huge Final Fantasy fanbase in all countries willing to play the game. I myself am a huge fan of the series and I know a lot of people like me who are more than willing to play it. Let's just hope it finally happens. it'd bring joy to tons of gamers worldwide.

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