Should Men Stop Saying "Hi" To Women In Public?


  • Animaine Sparkster - 10 years ago

    Guys just gotta start using context clues before speaking to women (or just people in general). If she has headphones in her ears, is reading a book, is walking alone at night, or walks past you and actively avoids making or keeping eye contact, chances are she don't wanna talk. This, of course, doesn't apply to the guys who see street harassment is part of the art of holleration. For them, this is all just a game, they couldn't give a pound of horse hockey what a woman is doing, like that asshat Rod knew in college. Unfortunately we're not Professor X, so we never truly know what's in a person's head. A benign social gesture or genuine attempt at approaching a woman you find attractive always has the chance to rub her the wrong way. "Even if your intentions are good, they can backfire drastically." So Erring on the side of caution? Completely understandable. But I think if guys took a little more time to take in their surroundings and the body language context clues of the women they pass, and recognize that some women just don't wanna talk for various reasons, things would be better.

  • Justin - 10 years ago


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