Championship Round (Poll Closed)

  • (7) Love Irresistibly by Julie James
    1,164 votes

  • (2) Captive Prince by SU Pacat & CS Pacat
    1,836 votes


Poll posted 5 years ago.

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  • Serigraph - 5 years ago

    Oh my! DanishWolf from Starfighter! You do get around. (Go Captive Prince!)

  • Linda (mkhtl) - 5 years ago

    Captive Prince captivates! It has my vote. Thank you Cat!

  • Eloise - 5 years ago

    My vote is for Captive Prince. It's a brilliant story very well written by a lovely author. I wish her best of luck in her new publishing adventure with Penguin.

  • Alicia - 5 years ago

    Captive Prince is an amazing story and definitely has my vote!

  • Mari (DanishWolf) - 5 years ago

    @Golden bastet.
    Haha, I'm a bit here, there .. and all around if it's something that interest me ;) Didn't exactly expect to be recognized here, but nice to know I'm memorable LOL

  • Mammarella - 5 years ago

    Captive Prince all the way! It's absolutely brilliant and full of surprises. Not many books can compare :)

  • Olivia - 5 years ago

    Captive Prince has my vote. Read the first two books twice, can't wait for the third one!

  • golden bastet - 5 years ago

    LOL, Danish Wolf, I see you on just about every board I follow! You do get around. :D
    (I tend not to comment, and definitely not recently, so I'm not sure if you've seen me before.)

    And thumbs up for Captive Prince, although both authors deserve much respect. At this point you have to be good to get this kind of backing from your fans.

  • Nancy Lee - 5 years ago

    Captive Prince has only one author, not the two that are strangely both listed. The name is CS Pacat.

  • Mari (DanishWolf) - 5 years ago

    Again, vote for Captive Prince all the way :)

    A correction though. You write that the book is by S.U. Pacat and C.S. Pacat. It's not two people writing this. C.S Pacat used the name S.U. Pacat until recently when the book rights were sold and she changed her name to her real initials.

    The book is just by C.S. Pacat.

  • Lithmyathar - 5 years ago

    Voting for Captive Prince ! Amazing books, cant wait for book 3!!

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