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Which Series Name Do You Prefer? (Poll Closed)

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  • Phyllis Capanna - 10 years ago

    Hi there, I saw your post on the FB page for ebook writers/marketers. Here's my reaction to your title choices. I don't know the word Fey. Maybe it's just me! Is that a UK term, or is it fairly common among folks who read fantasy, etc? To me, the title would have to evoke a mood: the mood I want to be in when I pick up a book like this, because these kinds of stories have taken me there before. This is not me, I don't read these kinds of stories. So, again, maybe that's why I don't know the word Fey. But if you want to attract converts, just because the stories are good stories, I would pass up all the titles. Forever Immortal is redundant. Same with the last choice. Hence I voted for Forever Fey. Just my two cents. Good luck on the book! Phyllis

  • Kathryn Kistner - 10 years ago

    Màiri, one thing to remember is that potential buyers will become interested enough to read about the series based on the title alone... BEFORE they read anything about it. Here are MY (and possibly NO others') reactions to the different titles:

    Feys Abound - The image this conjures in my mind is that the land is overrun with HOARDS of these 'things' running across the moors, knocking down (overrunning) everything in their way.

    Forever Immortal - Ok... my mind is off thinking about everything and everyone that is/ might be/ claims to be... immortal. God. Jesus. Buddha. Shakti. Zeus. Athena. Venus. (Etc.) Elvis. Werewolves. Unicorns. My soul. Bewitched princesses... or witches. Vampires. Zombies. For some reason, fairies and pixies don't come to mind.

    Forever Fey - HERE is where I would put fairies and pixies. And people who are psychic. Water sprites. Earth, Air, Fire and Water "spirits". The werewolves and such... seem too "solid". This WAS, however, the only title that invited ME to want to explore more. (I voted.)

    All Fey United Coalition - has too many IDEAS for me to get my mind around all at once.
    ALL. Fey. United. Coalition. I have to stop and PROCESS each concept. It's overwhelming. (I have ADD... which could be the REAL problem, here. LOL!)
    The title conjures up comic book groups of super-heroes.

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