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  • GL5 Arkells Stand - 10 years ago

    Sorry, but this article doesn't really get to the nub of just how bad Peach was, nor does it even hint at possibly the main reason why he was quite so bad - and that was he simply didn't care that much (and didn't mind showing the fans just how little he cared - but more of that later).
    Apart from the 'large' transfer fee, the word on the street at the time was that Peach was earning £400 per week which, back then, was a lot of money. In short, he was meant to be our highest paid player. Presumably this was largely down to the fact that he was somewhere on the Wembley pitch when Bobby Stokes scored the winner against Man Utd in the 1976 FA Cup Final.
    However, by the time we got him, he was crap and didn't care.
    The left side of the Town End frequently used to be extremely vocal in their condemnation of his ambivalent attitude to putting in a shift for us and once, after he had done something particularly lacklustre which elicited a howl of rage from the crowd, he waved airily at us in a dismissive gesture presumably designed to confirm to us that he didn't give a toss. Big mistake / final straw.
    A huge bear of a bloke, standing in front of me had had enough - he ran to the fence in front of the Town End and began to scale it, looking for all the world as if he was going to get onto the pitch and kill Peach.
    The whole crowd roared in support. Peach looked round and saw what was happening - one look at Grizzly Adams and he was off. It was the most purposeful run that I ever saw him make in his time for us and I think that he reached the halfway line before he realised that everyone was now laughing at him and his potential pursuer had not bothered getting over the fence and was back in the Town End.
    David Peach most definitely deserves his place in the Hall Of Shame - I've never hated a Town player more than him.

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