Do You Think Women Are Having More Sex Now Than 10 Years Ago?


  • Justin - 9 years ago

    not sure if they're doin it "more" necessarily but we definitely hear about it more. our entire society is more open about sex. the good and the bad. males and females.

  • professlch - 9 years ago

    Y'all came back like Return of the Jedi!!!!! Kudos to @PatriceC, Justin, and TBGWT. So much laughter; so much pithy commentary; so much fun. I'm like Karen: I played with HBO's Watchathon and kept my TV on to check out back story and Seasons 1 and 2. However: nawl. I have a life. I did watch much of Season 3, as that's the one I came to know and love, thanks to #DemThrones. I'm not even remotely interested in getting all the books' details and back stories. NOPE! I'm enjoying the show, live-Tweeting, the hashtag, and the #TBGWT recap. I'm GOOD.

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