Which Services Will You Use with 3G/4G?

  • KMBLOCH - 7 years ago

    I am concern about price range
    can any tell how much the price range of 3G

  • Awais - 7 years ago

    I'm concerned with the pricing.. If it costs even as much as a broadband im not gonna use it..i have broadband at home and in 1k ive got 2 laptops and 3 phones connected why should i pay the same amount for just one phone? No sir.. Is se acha i buy myself a cloud evo, its portable and can be connected with more than one devices

  • hamza - 7 years ago

    I think 4g is best and cheap

  • Bilal Ahmed - 7 years ago

    I have a little bit concern with the Auction policy. They say they will encourage the new entrant but how a new entrant can grab a chance to win 4G licence when he did not have 3G Licence and the no of licence available according to which it would be a tough fight.
    As far as the services are concerned this will be a major improvement in our daily life cellular services usage, but keeping in mind the pricing factor if it cost more than an ordinary broadband than it hard to say it will be successful as it launch. If the prices are lower than broadband charges than it will be warmly welcomed the the customers.

  • 3G Enthusiast - 7 years ago

    Interestingly video conferencing/calling appears most looked forward in the poll. The poll should have a lot more than video calling. Video is just one of many many advantages of high speed networks.

    Global experience on video calling is much below customer expectations. No where in the world has video worked!

  • Saad - 7 years ago

    3G/4G won't be of any use if charges are not less than Broadband charges as WiFi is available almost everywhere now.

  • M.Farooq Abbasi - 7 years ago

    I'll use 3G service mostly for surfing, I'm sick of being in touch with the wifi its like I've wings but I'm caught in a cage which is not letting me fly freely! With 3G/4G I wanna FLY FREE ! not being worried if my signals are low at any corner...

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