if you were starting a Craft Brewery, what packaging would you put your beer into?


  • dave - 9 years ago

    Tough one! I definitely prefer drinking out of bottles. However, I probably drink 75% of the beer I consume after beer league hockey games. So cans it is. That being said, I prefer a lighter beer such as lager after a game which probably isn't the style you will be making. So for a craft beer I am more likely to prefer it in a bottle.

  • Glen - 9 years ago

    1. Decide what kind of beer you're going to be making.
    2. Determine packaging options appropriate for the style(s) of beer.
    3. Make a final decision based on cost, distribution and branding considerations.

    If you're going to be making premium Belgian-style ales, you're probably not going to want to sell it in cans. A lager in 750ml bottle would be similarly incongruous.

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