Do you agree with the Davis County Jail's 'Pay For Stay' collection methods?

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  • jeff McCord - 6 years ago

    My son has been in jail in weber county,
    When he had a tooth go bad they took care of it, then charged him for it, I put money on his comissary, and they took it to pay towards his dental, he couldnt get his hygiene or nothing I was afraid to put money on his books for fear of him not getting it.
    Where the heck does our taxes go, it sure ain't going to care for inmates
    Maybe the sheriff's dont need brand-new Dodge trucks every year
    The state is supposed to provide care for them,

  • Jean - 6 years ago

    Looking in the media today, we see more misconduct where innocent people are convicted. Then, while there family and friends give them money to purchase anything from twinkies, to personal hygiene. CA takes 55% off the top of any monies deposited into an inmates account, and family/friends can also put money on the prisoner's restitution costs.

  • brad Jex - 6 years ago

    I dont think its right the judge orders restitution to the court and still have to pay the jail. Utah County Jail needs to be stopped for pay to stay also and also they are charging interest too.

  • Ann - 6 years ago

    I believe the inmate needs to pay their own bills and debt to society but I do feel that if family or friends want to let them have something from commissary it's not fair to the family and friends that the jail is taking it to pay their bill. The responsibile party is the INMATE. My daughter was there and she couldn't even have soap or shampoo to shower with unless she could buy it through the commissary. She said it was against the rules for other inmates to share theirs. So its not always a twinkie that the inmate wants.

  • Dianne - 6 years ago

    I just called utah county jail and they charge 40$ a day for stay and yes they have pay for stay..If I put money on the books it goes to pay the bill.

  • Meg M - 6 years ago

    $10a day is not even bad saves us money in taxes and think about it most working parents pay more then that a day in daycare !! It's their choice and actions that got them there don't like it or agree with it don't be stupid an get yourself in that situation !

  • Dan - 6 years ago

    Of course it's wrong; especially taking it out of their commissary. Commissary is paid by friends and family members, not the inmate. And if the friends and family members want to help pay restitution, fine. But you cannot force them, and taking funds from Commissary for restitution is not giving those that pay a choice.

  • Aaron Garner - 6 years ago

    maybe they should investigate Salt Lake County Adult Detention Center they charged $44.00 a day for pay for stay and if you owe them money they will take it from your commissary money

  • Zargon - 6 years ago

    and no i don't agree with should go toward your fine as time served!

  • Zargon - 6 years ago

    I was told i had to stay in jail for 48 hours...for a DWI...and i was able to check myself that time i was handcuffed and treated like a common criminal....after i was released ....i was sent a letter that i owed the jail 50 dollars a day for staying there....let's face it...a cheap motel room costs less than that, and you don't sleep on a piece of steel lined by a 1/2 inch mat in any hotel.

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