Was Pharrell right about insecurity stopping folks from being great?

  • Blaqq Rob - 8 years ago

    One of the first rules of writing is to not alienate your audience. While Pharrell was technically "right" about insecurity limiting folks, once you alienate your audience they aren't going to listen to anything you have to say, no matter how "right" you are. That said, I think he was right with his comments about insecurity stopping folks from being great, and the "controversy" surrounding his album cover is a perfect example of that. How much time, effort, and energy was wasted by folks who were mad that Pharrell supposedly didn't have any black women on the cover of his album? Only to find out he DID have a black woman on the album cover and all of the women pictured were his friends. Then folks moved the goal posts and it became: "well, she ain't black enough." For better or worse, that comes from a place of insecurity. As Can said, that insecurity is justified, but it is insecurity nonetheless. In the grand scheme of things, who Pharrell puts on his album cover has little to no impact on the plight of black women. Focusing on small, insignificant stuff like that does indeed limit folks from being great.

  • Erica - 8 years ago

    Pharrell's album goes in!!!! i think people just want something to bitch about. I am a plus size women. Should I write a think piece about how he doesn't have a big girl on the cover. I kind of agree with his statement. It is hard not seeing a reflection of yourself in the media. However, this didn't start with Pharrell. It's been going on for a while.

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